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Studio 1735 IDT 92HD73C1 XP Audio Driver

  • Hi Folks




    I know DELL's not 'responsible' for providing an XP driver, that's up to IDT.

    However, can someone at DELL R&D or Tech Support try and bump this issue in an attempt to find out whether a XP AUDIO DRIVER exists and can be made available (since IDT refuses to deal with the world directly) to DELL's users who insist on still running XP? 


    Also, if anyone on the forum happens to learn of/download/see-it-listed somewhere/sometime, any news of an XP IDT 92HD73C1 audio driver for the Studio 1735 would be much appreciated. :smileywink:


    It wouldn't have been such a bother if the drivers weren't so SPECIFIC about it being IDT 92HD73C1 and not just any generic STAC 92xx-series driver. [Then possibly R153908.EXE, R108276.EXE - anyone prior to the 6.x series driver release - might have been made to work.] :smileysad:


    Thanks in advance; any advice and/or information appreciated.



  • SO you installed XP on your 1735?
    Exactly how?
    I get the BSOD asking for the HAL in order to load XP.


    BIOS version A4.

  • Hi Netjim66


    I used my WinXP SP2 OEM disk, used NLITE to slipstream in XP SP3, then integrated the MASS STORAGE drivers from DRIVERPACKS ( ).


    The problem at the moment is that the Studio line is plagued by a lack of audio support for XP (the IDT 92HD73C1 chipset).

    The secondary problem is that BLUETOOTH on/off is controlled via software - which is only available (from Dell) in a VISTA ONLY format.


    I'm not really a great fan of a hardware provider prescribing which O/S I should be running; dissapointed by the lack of XP support for my Studio 1735.  :smileysad:


    Kind regards


  • Thank You! That's exactly what I wanted to hear (regarding specifics).


    I messed with my 1735 (Vista) along side a Latitude D810 (Vista, then rebuilt with XP) last night listening to YouTube videos over and over to see if I could tell a difference in the Audio crackle, pop...

    The D810 didn't have as much crackle, but the 1735 sound is a little superior (when wearing headphones).


    I did load Windows XP in VMWARE on my 1735 just for kicks. I'd swear even in the VM session the XP OS provided less crackle. I could be crazy though...


    But thanks!

  • You can try to see if the driver is located here:



    I collected the best drivers there for the studio series

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  • Dude.  You're THE MAN.


    I spent hours chasing down drivers for the 1735.  I had everything working except the sound, and you solved that for me.


    All 1735 owners bow to your superior intelect.


    ** chants **


    ** We're not worthy  **

    ** We're not worthy **


    Thanks for your work on this.

  • Cowl!


    And I dont even got my Studio 1735 yet! 1,5 week left till delivery :D.


    No prob ;)

  • OK sorry to seem like a pest but I tried using the instructions for the Mass Storage.

    I boot to a PE environment and try to run Setup.exe for the Windows XP.


    I see the actual "Setup Windows" is grayed out.

    Same if I boot to a Windows XP cd.


    So I can't get to the first steps.


    Is there something I need to do like format my c: first (I did that and tried to install XP but got the BSOD asking for the HAL).


    Do I need to do something in the BIOS (v A4). Turn off SATA support? If so how?


    I'm beginning to hate Vista more each day. I delete stuff and the recycle bin won't show there is anything in it until I open it up. I don't like File search. I've searched for things that I know are there and they don't show...


    But anyway, if I could at least get XP on another partition...


  • Hi, netjim66

    to turn of SATA (actualy you turn of only AHCI support) boot to bios (F2 on startup), then go to onboard devices and SATA operation and switch from AHCI to ATA, save changes. After that you should have no problems installing any copy of XP.

  • I got a copy of XP with SP3 and loaded the MASS Storage drivers and burned a new CD from that. Like

    Chainedtothedesk said to do.
    I was able to get XP loaded without messing with the SATA drives.


    It looks beautiful. Loads in seconds. (I used video drivers from jeroenz20 post).


    I was able to get the NIC card drivers loaded, but not the wireless. XP sees it and pops up that it found it nicely. But there is errors in Device Manager... Too bad.


    I reloaded my Dell image that came with the 1735. I made an image of the XP (.wim file) for later use if I want it.

  • Hi Jeroenz20


    I look forward to trying out your driver collection. :smileyvery-happy:


    Very good work, very good work, indeed!




  • jeroenz20, do you remember where you the XP driver for the IDT 92HD73C1 audio chipset?

    Just as an alternate link should something happen to your link?


    Kind regards



  • Hi,


    The link will stay for at least one year :smileywink:. My hosting has got almost 99.9% uptime, so don't worry!


    Just one more time the link here, because this post has been accepted as an solution :):


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  • Hi jeroenz20


    As tribute to your hard work, please accept this golden "Accepted Solution" award, along with my thanks, and the thanks of the Studio 1735 XP-using Dell community. :smileyvery-happy: :smileywink:


    Kind regards



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  • OK exactly how are you getting the wireless to work?
    So far these all seem to work exept the wireless drivers.


    It just does nothing...


    A little guidance please...