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no audio on latitude d520 with Sigmatel after format!


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no audio on latitude d520 with Sigmatel after format!

  • I'm using a latitude d520 on XP SP3. I did a format of the hard disk and the got the required drivers from the dell website. While installing the audio driver R122161 it encounters an error (error code 40) then it goes on to complete the installation and ask for a reboot. Immediately after rebooting the audio driver installation screen automatically pops up, the status bar goes to about 40% and error message saying "The system does not supportvthe driver you are attempting to install" pops up. I've tried reinstalling but the same result. On "Device Manager" everything looks fine under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers". The things listed there are Audio Codecs, Legacy Audio Drivers, Media Control Devices, Video Codecs. If I right-click on any of the audio thingys in Device Manager the "Uninstall" option doesn't show up but the "Update Driver" is available. In Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices it shows "No Audio Device". I also tried installing the driver R116860. The result is the same but in this case the initial error (error code 40) does not occur.

    Before formating the hard drive everything was working perfectly. To make things worse I don't have the Resource CD or its bootable partition. Please help!



  • Can you confirm you installed the chipset driver before the other drivers, as is required?


    All drivers are here:


    Installation instructions here:


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  • Yes, I did install the chipset first but still the problem persists.
  • The correct audio driver for the D520 is R171789:


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  • Tried that too. Same outcome :(

    My soundcard can't be damaged right? I mean all I did was a hard disk format & reinstall XP!

  • In the case of a laptop there isn't a "sound card".  There is the integrated audio "chip" on the motherboard.  Could it be defective?  I suppose so.  But presuming it was working prior to the reinstall and not now, I would say there is still a driver issue.  But if you installed the correct chipset driver first and then the correct audio driver, it seems to me it should work.  The only other thing to try I can think of right now is entering the bios system setup program and being sure the integrated audio is enabled. 


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  • I checked the bios & the audio device is enabled.


    However, I found the source of the problem I think! It is XP SP3. The drivers seem NOT to be compatible with SP3. I did a fresh install of SP3 twice and had the same issue no matter what I tried. Then I did a fresh install of XP SP2 and everything went fine with the driver installations (and ofcourse the audio is working perfectly now). Now, I don't know, maybe the drivers will work fine if I simply upgrade to SP3 rather than doing a fresh install because then the drivers would not have to be freshly installed then. But spending like 5 days on this I can't be bothered to attempt to upgrade to SP3.