Hi everybody,


I am desesperatly trying to get my external microphone working on my inspiron 6000 by connecting it to its jack plug. My OS is windows vista ultimate and the sound controller used is SigmaTel C-major audio.


When connected to its jack plug, the microphone or any other jack external microphone just won't work : nothing happens when I try to set it up under the configuration panel or when I try ot record a sound sample with the windows voice recorder.


I followed directions given in the FAQ and even tried to re-install all the audio drivers that were used under windows XP. None of those solutions were successful.


If anyone could provide me with a working solution, I would really appreciate. Thank you in advance for your help.


Laptop :

Inspiron 6000

Windows vista ultimate SP1

Pentium M 730 1.60 GHz

2 GB Ram

Controller : SigmaTel C-major audio



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