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no audio latitude D510


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no audio latitude D510

  • I'm trying to solve the issue of no sound on my laptop here. It's a Latitude D510. All was fine but have just recently had to get a new main board installed. Sinced I got it back there has been no sound. Any ideas? Is it a simple case of downloading a driver and if so, which one? 

  • Presuming you're running XP, download and then install the chipset driver on the D510


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    Download and install the audio driver:

  • Have done what you suggested but unfort I still have no sound whatsoever...Have tried everything I could think of...

  • In fact I have just seen that I can get sound through the obviously this is a speaker issue. Any ideas??



  • If headphones work OK and Device Manager indicates no issue in the sounds section then it appears your speakers are muted.  Double check all settings and be sure headphones are out when trying again.
  • No joy there either..all the speakers are on

  • Zanyakav and europa303,


    Because there was recent work performed on the computer and the audio does work through the output jack, I wonder if the  connection to the speakers is loose. I am not familiar with the innards of the D510, but generally if you remove the keyboard you should be able to see the cable to the palm rest. On models where the speakers are in the palm rest, the cable must be fully seated for the speakers to work. There might be other places where a connection could be loose; I'm not a technician, just speculating.



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