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  • I have a latitude D610 with Windows XP Professional service pack 2.  My sound has quit working and in Control Panel under Sound options I get the message "no audio device installed" also, in Windows Media Player, I get a "unable to play there is a problem with your device or there is no sound card installed on this system" error message.  I know that it has to be a driver or file that I have accidently deleted ( I think in Device manager I uninstalled something with PCI or MDI in the title) because I am running two operating systems and when I chose the other operating system sound works fine.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled Sigma Tel C-Major on the system that it is not working and also reinstalled updates and updated drivers.  I can not roll back driver, because I get the message there are no drivers available for back up.  I also do not have a recovery disk, and I have tried to restore to an earlier time with no success.  I use this computer for home and work, and I can not lose my information on my computer.  PLEASE HELP!  FYI- if whoever replies could explain the procedure in terms that a 10 year old could understand that would be great!  I am not all that computer savy!  Thanks 
  • Let's try the audio driver again, but first download and install the chipset driver:




    The the audio driver:


    If you then go to device manager and expand the sounds section is your audio device listed there and is anything yellow-flagged?



  • I downloaded these two items successfully however, in control panel, under sound and audio devices there are no audio devices.  After the second download, I got the messsage " maintenence on this device is complete".  Any other options?  Oh by the way, since I posted, I have tried loading the setup system and loading the defaults, then restarting my computer.  No success!  Thanks for any help you can give!
  • To answer the yellow exclamation point on the device manager, no there is nothing.  Also, there are no conflicts that come up and it acts like everything is installed and working properly.  I know, and my computer thinks otherwise or there would be sound!
  • To be clear . . . You downloaded these files . . . and then installed these driver files, right? (Not just downloaded them.)


    One other thing to check.  Enter the bios setup program and verify that the integrated audio is enabled.


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


    If these recommendations don't provide sound, and sorry if obvious, but are you sure nothing is muted and volumes are turned up?



  • thanks a lot for the with laptop!!!