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*SOLVED*Inspiron 1525 Audio Device Driver on High Definition Audio Bus on Windows XP


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*SOLVED*Inspiron 1525 Audio Device Driver on High Definition Audio Bus on Windows XP

  • I've spent most of this morning finding drivers for this system. However, there's this one last device that I simply can't find the driver for. Can someone who has a Inspiron 1525 or similar laptop compare their Device Manager list with mines to see what's the actual name of the driver that is needed to install this device? It should be something under the Sound, Video group. You can see my Device Manager list in the screenshot below. Thanks so much for your help!


    My Device Manager List

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  •  In this thread Soltec lists all of the drivers he installed: 

    How Soltec did it, part 1 (drivers)

    In this one he explained how he got the audio to work. If you did it differently I would appreciate an explanation.

    How Soltec did it, part 2 (UAA patches)


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Hi Jim,


        Thanks for your reply. I will try to format it and reinstall in the same order as Soltec. I can't really tell you how I installed the drivers since I probably have downloaded half a dozen sigmatel drivers that installed successfully and tried windows update for driver search and whatnot. Perhaps I just did the steps in the wrong order. If someone has a screenshot of their device manager though, that would be really great. I will update this thread/post as soon as I have figured it out. Oh and I forgot to add that my audio DOES work, it's just this annoying yellow exclamation device that has me stumped. I like all my devices installed correctly.

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  • I found out it was the HDMI Audio driver.
  • hi brother..

    i hav the same problem as yours...got a new inspiron 1525..somhow managed all the drivers..audio is also workin...bt the same yellow question mark is comin infront  audio device for high defination audio bus
    ...i guess u hav solved the problem..pls pls help me out also...send me the link or the driver..


  • thank u
  • You can find the driver for the HDMI Audio Device in the driver package compiled by Bionicconner in this thread:




    He has a post that says you have to force device manager to install the driver. Worked for me.

  • i have to force the device manager...wht does tht mean...newaz...i'll c...tell me one more thing bro....how to install the media direct on xp...its a gr8 software n a feature n i wld really love to keep it...bt the cd tht i got wid my system dsnt work wid xp...

    r u happy with 1525...am just so dissatisfied because i want xp...n its not build for xp...n we are nt able to install the geniune drivers.... like the one tht comes wid vista



  • Needteddy, please help me. I have been having the same problem for over a week now and I have not been able to solve it. I have tried nearly every website I could find. Please help. Which driver is it that we need to fix this problem? Is there a pattern that we need to follow.


    Please help me, if possible. I would really appreciate it.



  • Man, I can't believe I have to spoon-fed you the solution.


    1. Click and download:



    2. Extract the contents to your desktop. If you can't open this file, you need a program that can unrar. Try downloading the program ExtractNow from a website like www.download.com.


    3. Inside the extracted folders, there is a folder called HDMI_Driver


    4. The driver is located inside the HDMI folder


    5. You can either reinstall or update the Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus to the driver in this folder



    manik1985 ,


    I usually don't install the media direct software on the laptops. The buttons work automatically with players such as Windows media player so I have no need to install it. The only main difference is that if you press the Play button, the computer boots up and loads the media player software for you. I don't need that. If I want to listen to music or watch a DVD, I just press the Power button, boot into windows and open the player myself. It's like an extra step. In any case, f you must install it, I believe you have to partition a portion of the hard drive to install the program BEFORE you install Windows. Yes, that means you lose some hard disk space for the Media Direct program. If you don't do this partition, it won't let you install the program.


    As far as personally liking the 1525, I think it is a fantastic laptop. I've used Inspirons and Latitudes for a long time now and I think this is the best thing since the Inspiron 8200. It's got WIFI finder, a no-pressure touch sensitive media controls, memory card reader that supports formats like memory stick (old ones only support SD / MMC), bluetooth (well, mines had bluetooth installed, it's only $20). I mean, what more can you ask for? Drivers either work or don't work. It doesn't need to be genuine or Microsoft Certified. Do you know that devices with drivers that are MS Certified actually cost more? Yeah, it cost a LOT of money for a manufacturer to get a stupid cert from Microsoft. So if it works, that's as good as it gets. Any ways, good luck.


  • I had the same problem. To remove the "HD audio Bus" with the exclamation mark from the device manager, you must

    1) Install kb888111 hot fix from MS. You can google it. I found it at


    2) Install the Intel drivers. Intel_GM965-Express-Chipset-_A05_R173064.exe .  This will install the HDMI Audio and fix the exclamation mark.


    I found all of the drivers for my 1525 by going to the 1520 dell support page, and downloading the drivers for the XP version.