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Vostro 100 audio crackling (i've read other posts :-))


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Vostro 100 audio crackling (i've read other posts :-))

  • Hi there !


    I'm really frustrated ! I've read similar posts so I know how many audio problems there are however i've done the applicable things most vostro posts suggested. Theres a crackling noise coming from the speakers whenever i'm listening to music however it only does it when im surfing the net at the same time usually. When im just listening to music not using the touchpad or typing theres no crackling. Th cracklings like quick pauses or slight scuffs.


    I've downloaded the latest driver for the vostro 1000 (only one) and it says its not applicable to my system.


    Would really appreciate your help.



  • Same problem here.  My Vostro 1000 arrived a few days ago, the audio pops and stutters straight out of the box.


    It's REALLY noticable and like you say, if you leave the pc idle while playing music, it stutters less.


    I couldn't find the option to disable the A band on the wireless card.... (???)


    At least we know it's not a unique fault.  I'm going to try using my wireless dongle instead of the built-in wireless card.  Will post back if i get any success.  Alternatively, there's an external uSB sound card you can buy from ebuyer.com for around £11 which should solve the problem and give you surround sound as well.





  • Thanks :-)


    But to be honest regardless of price we shouldn't have to be paying out for a fault thats not caused by us. Will not be buying dell again if this doesn't get resolved!


    P.s Whats your experience when using headphones the crackling seems to reduce quite a bit when using headphones :-S


    To top my pc problems off just updated iTunes and its deleted my entire library - not a good computer week for me !!

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  • Yes I agree with you.  However, £10 may be a small price to pay to make the problem 'go away' considering the hassle and grief and TIME spent trying to resolve it. 


    The popping is less noticable on earphones, but this is due to how the lower quality notebook speakers respond to the pops.  It's less, but definitely still there & enough to be really annoying.


    The pops kind of make my music sound like an old record is thebest way i can put it.

    Will keep you posted on developments, would be great if you could do the same .


  • Someone on another forum told me that the popping stops if you change the power scheme to high performance under Control panel -> power


    I've yet to verify this, will try it tonight.  Might be great if i choose to run it as a desktop on mains power...

  • im afraid  it idn't work for me - hope you have better luck. My laptop is still within warranty and if it is not solved sharpish I will be insisting on dell providing a replacement. I always get my way with dell if im forceful lol

  • I have had promising results from changing power schemes.  Definitely less pop and crackle.

    Will try some more..
  • Have you seen this thread?

    Choppy/Skipping Audio under Windows Vista Workarounds


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  • I dont seem to be able to disable the correct section of the wireless card - its not thereI dont seem to be able to disable the correct section of the wireless card - its not there
  • I don't think it applies to the vostro 1000.  I disabled my wireless and it still crackles.  So disabling band A wouldn't make a difference.

    And you can't disable the A band for the 1395 card, the option isn't there like you say and I haven't been able to find a driver update on the dell site to make it so that this option appears.
  • This is absolutely disgraceful I shall be calling Dell first thingtomorrow morning and will kepp on untill they come up with a solution. My laptop is within warranty and if they do not provide a solution I will be demanding a replacement.
  • Any that is what I got for my M1710 after a 45+ day support ticket and just like I thought.... DIDN'T HELP.


    So 16 months later (20 months of warranty left) and I still can't use this brick for my business.

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