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microphone MUTED, please HELP


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microphone MUTED, please HELP

  • Hello there!
    I'm new here and don't know what the rules are. Just want to ask a question and hope somebody could help me out.
    Recently I've noticed that my microphone is muted ( don't know how and why) and it may sound silly but I can't unmute it :( It just doesn't work.
    My computer is Inspiron 1520 and I've got it for few months only.
    Please help!
    Thanks in advance!
  • I don't think the 1520 has an internal mic, so you are plugging one in, correct? Typically, once something is plugged in - the driver pops up a screen asking what you plugged in. Pick mic. You should also be able to right click on the little speaker icon bottom right by the clock to bring up recording device settings.

  • The Inspiron 1520 DOES have an internal mic.  I've tried downloading the driver as per instructed at this forum, but that didn't work.  Even Dell techs can't fix the problem.