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Stereo Mix and Vista Update


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Stereo Mix and Vista Update

  • Dell is currently working with the vendor to investigate providing Stereo Mix support for Vista. There are, however, some significant challenges (e.g. DRM security restrictions) resulting from the design of Vista that need to be addressed, so this will not be a quick or easy task, and frankly may not be possible.

    We will keep you updated.
  • thanks for the note...

    but this is not fair...

    we are bying expensive hardware and I can't use my sound card to record simple audio from my skype or paltalk conferences using the stereo mix option...

    the customers should of been notified before bying the system, it's not legal not to be able to use a hardware functionality that has been around for ages...

    Dell please provide us with a wrokaround

    System is dell inspiron 1720 sigmatel audio and windows vista

  • While you are waiting for Dell to provide a workaround (hope you have a lot of time) here are a few from the Laptop Audio board members.


    1. Connect a stereo cable from your output jack to your line-in jack and record the input.


    2. Or download and install the Sigmatel XP audio driver R171789 ( by using XP compatibility mode. That driver will give you stereo mix.

    This thread, "Newest XP Sigmatel 92xx drivers (with stereo mix) work on Vista!", has an explanation of the installation process.

     So far this is reported to work on

    Inspiron E1505/6400,1520, 1720 and 1721
    Latitude D620
    Vostro 1400 and 1500
    XPS M1330, M1530 and M2010

    (For further M1530 instructions, follow RascallyRob's link in his 1st post to the notebookforum's thread, then go to the bottom of that page and read Groggen's post #495.)


    3. Or try a stream recorder such as:

    Google  "Vista compatible mp3 audio stream recorders" for others.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Holy toledo, Dell still hasn't come out with real Stereo Mix drivers for vista and the SigmaTel HDA chips? I hadn't even thought about it in months, because the solution I came up with that jimco mentioned above me here, is still working perfectly on my laptop.  I'm even running SP2 beta (and have been since before the public release of it), and not a single problem with it. 

    I was pondering if I have time soon to see if there's newer XP drivers, and any newer compatible sigmatel drivers on Dell downloads, and frankendrivering them together (like I did with the stock Dell drivers for the Intel 945 graphics chipset, and all the latest reference drivers that Intel still puts out new versions of for it).   I'll keep y'all posted. :)

  • Actually, as an addendum to my post above here, I just went and looked in the downloads section, and there's actually a new version of the Vista audio drivers for the 92XX chipset, but the package for my Inspiron 6400....dated october 24/08.  Never even knew these came out. :) (And I have the download notification email thingie enabled too!)  So, I'm just grabbing them, who knows, maybe Dell silently released Stereo Mix support in the native vista drivers finally? :)  I'll write back with what I end up with.

  • Hey, RascallyRob!


    You might find this interesting if you haven't seen it.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • It's been about a year since this post.  Has Dell had that chance to discuss Stereo Mix support for Vista as yet?  What was learned are they working on the fix?


    Thank you

  • Doveink, I think Dell makes its position known in this blog I linked to earlier in this thread:


    In August of last year their "chief blogger" said that stereo mix will be implemented in the future, starting with the Studio models. (The future is now and I haven't seen any posts confirming that the Studios do in fact have stereo mix in Vista.)


    Dell-Chris B, who wrote in his  post "We will keep you updated", is no longer the moderator of this board, but he left a comment on page 4 of the blog


    He echoes the chief blogger's belief that the problem is in the way the hardware was designed, and that the problem will be corrected "moving forward".


    The way I read all of this is that Dell is saying that there won't be a fix forthcoming for pre-Studio models.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Dell,

    you cannot leave us like this waiting on the loop messages all over the place and no driver available until now

    I did get my system from Dell few months ago, with upgrades of memory and disk and graphic.,....etc paid a big amount of money for my budget to get the system: 1720 inspiron with vista and still waiting until now for a driver that supports stereo mix on my system.

    1- if I knew that the stereo mix option isn't supported I wouldn't of got the system

    2- After buying the system I called support and they told me a driver is available for Windows XP that enables stereo mix that means that if I'm patient a driver will be available for vista, been waiting since and nothing!!!

    3- the sytereo mix option is important to me for my work and without it the system is no use

    4- Dell, how can you afford to treat your customers like that when the issue has been reported by users all over the place and they are all seeking drivers not to mention that 99.99% if not all of them didn't know that the option was disabled before getting the system

    5- it doesn't matter if you fix the issue on new systems if you don;t provide existing customers with proper drivers and here is why: why would anyone buy from Dell knowing that they could remove existing functionality from hardware from systems without notifying customers and not providing a fix after...what says to me that something else major and important isn't missing from any system that I will get from you in the future knowing also that when things are missed up you don't pay attention to what customers are saying!

    Please provide a driver as this is outrageous to wait all this time and show patience and nothing until now




  • Romuse,


    "the sytereo mix option is important to me for my work and without it the system is no use"


    I explained earlier in this thread how you can have stereo mix in your 1720.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Hi,

    yes you did explane well only either not working or not an option for me...will explane

    1- connect a strereo cabl,e from output to line.....(no good to me as I will npot be able to hear....

    2- download and install xp drivers on compatibility mode...tried and it's not working on my system in fact all is messed up after....stereo mix is their but no recording possible at all + the sound is messed up on the system...I know that some have reported that the driver in compatibility mode works but it's not my case....

    record stream will be no good to me for many applications




  • Romuse,


    Sorry that I steered you wrong about installing the Sigmatel XP audio driver R171789 (v. by using XP compatibility mode. Several other 1720 owners reported that it was successful on theirs. I should mention that when you use that driver you cannot monitor the input jack in real time but there is a Registry edit that allows you to do so.


    When you connect line out to line in you have to create a signal routing to allow monitoring if you need to have it, such as using a Y cable (not the best way) or inserting a mixer into the path and monitoring through the mixer's headphone jack.


    I hope Dell will someday supply the driver you want but be prepared to wait. Maybe someone will hack the Vista driver and fix it.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • the sound carte does support stereo mix and the OS vista does also.....

    Dell have disabled the future intentionaly then they have decided to enable it again....

    they have been able to do it for Windows XP but it seems that they are lost on Windows Vista (for a reason that no one knows apart freom generic comments)

    yeah Dell needs to be pursued for:

    1- disabling a function without notifying customers before buying their machines (I'm sure that most people who have the problem would waited or opted for another brand if they knew that the function is disabled

    2- not providing support to customers (people are screaming in different forums but does DELL care??? NO!!!!

    3- producing a driver that supports stereo mix on windows XP and not for Windows Vista

    Let me ask Dell Management this question: why would someone who is aware of all this get a system from you again?

    1- you took the customers for granted in disabling a function and not notifying them...

    2- honnestly if you do as you please in disabling functions like that and not providing support why would you be trusted in the future? I mean who tells me that another function/feature will not be disabled again from your system in the same manner then no support.....

    Finaly, enabling the stereo mix option on new systems that you are releasing isn't enough if existing customers are not happy and if you are not providing support to your customers....

    just to add, I was romoting Dell desktops and laptops for years to friends and Family when they want to buy a new one, I even help them true the order selecting and customizing the hardware list...for sure doing this in the future is no option as it will be a crime!


  • I totally agree. Dell behaviour is not acceptable on this point. I will not order a DELL anymore.

    I'm a M1330 user without any Stereo Mix support on Vista.

  • Some other M1330 owners with Vista have reported that they were able to get stereo mix by installing the Sigmatel XP audio driver R171789 (v. by using XP compatibility mode.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04