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"Missing" volume control bar ?


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"Missing" volume control bar ?

  • I though that I posted this question earlier, but when I didn't get any replies, I checked again and couldn't it anywhere, so I'm posting it again. I have a Inspiron E1505 notebook with the front mounted audio and video control buttons. In the past whenever I used these audio control buttons a small slide bar window would open on my screen showing the relative volume setting. But recently this has "disappeared", so now when I use these audio buttons, there is no indication of relative volume. How do I get this window back?
  • Look on the taskbar and see if you have the Quickset icon there. It's in the shape of a blue Q with a yellow tail sticking out of it. Click the icon and uncheck 'disable onscreen volume meter.' (On some versions you must right click it.)

    If the icon is missing look under Start/All Programs and see if you have a program called Dell Quickset. Follow the arrow to the word 'Quickset' and click on it and the 'Q' icon should appear on the taskbar.

    If you don't have the Quickset program you can download it from your downloads page under 'Applications'.

    Quickset's main function is to start the power management wizard; however, clicking the icon lets you enable or disable the Fn keys for volume and screen brightness, and it is necessary for Media Direct to function.


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  • I found in my program list, and pinned to my START menu. BTW I don't have to use my Fn key to control my PC's volume; I used the front mounted volume buttons. Thanks for your help.

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  • Just to add that I too had lost my on-screen volume control as activated by the front buttons. I opened the Quickset programme but couldn't find anything about the onscreen controls there. It wasn't until I'd gone through all the power settings and closed it, then clicked again - left-click - on the icon in the systray, that I could see anything to do with 'Hotkey Popups' controls. Left-clicking the icon brings up a panel that gives you 'Hotkey Popups'; clicking on this gives you the option to enable or disable the onscreen meters. I had to disable, then re-enable, the volume control before it would display again. Oddly, I can't get the 'Wireless activity' meter to display at all and I don't think it ever did. Does anyone know anything about that? Inspiron 6400, bought in the UK 2006. Kate