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Audio Jack Broke Off Of Motherboard: Suggestions?


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Audio Jack Broke Off Of Motherboard: Suggestions?

  • My mother knocked my laptop over and the earphones jammed into the system breaking the audio jack off the motherboard completely. I opened the system and took it out. Nothing seems to be broken or cracked except for the audio jack and C246 (a little circuit/capacitor thing?). My computer works fine, except for no sound (no jack for headphones and no sound from speakers).

    I know that Dell doesn't sell the audio jack piece and since it was an accident it would not be covered under my warranty. I am not paying them to replace my whole motherboard, so my options (as far as I knows) are:

    1. Find some way to make the internal speakers work.

    (Can this be done? Does the missing audio jack also mean no internal speaker sound?)

    2. Try and find a replacement audio jack (I'm not sure if the original will still work correctly) and find someplace that will solder it back on the motherboard.

    (Any idea where you can purchase the jack. It's a FOXCONN 71JCC piece, my audio-in jack is exactly the same number.)

    3. Buy some sort of USB or PCMCIA sound card instead.

    (Will this mean my internal speakers won't work?)


    Thanks =)

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  • Here is a thread where a poster got a FOXCONN jack off another motherboard he got on ebay (message 8 of the thread):

    5100 jack thread

    "Buy some sort of USB or PCMCIA sound card instead.
    (Will this mean my internal speakers won't work?)"

    The Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS pcmcia soundcard can route audio back to the Sigmatel system and use its speakers, but this only works in cases where the Sigmatel system is functioning correctly.

    Your E1405 has an express card slot and it can't take a pcmcia card in any case. The only express audio card I know of is

    X-Fi Extreme Audio express slot card

    This is a new product and I don't know if anyone has tried it in an E1405 or not.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • I just went ahead and bought the pci express sound card. I figured it would be the fasted way to solve my problem. I'm just hoping that I can get the internal speakers to work, because I don't have to have to get a seperate set of speakers too!
  • Please give us a report on the card when you get it.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Will do.
  • I got the Creative PCI Express sound card today and it works fine.

    The installation was easy, you just plug in the card and run the installation CD that comes with it. The instructions don't mention vista, so I was kind of worried, but there was no problem.

    I disabled my Sigma Tel drivers before I installed it, just in case. Right-click on sound icon (on taskbar)>Playback devices>Right-click on Sigma Tel drivers (2)>select disable

    They send a headphone w/ microphone set with the sound card. It comes with it's own little volume panel control set, so you can enable & disable all the various features, but it also installs a console lets you do all that from the regular sound control area. You can uninstall it (the extra volume panel) through add/remove programs.

    There are A LOT of features, although all I was worried about was any sound to come out. I tried out the various features just to make sure they would work and they do. Some of the effects are pretty cool, like the EAX Amphitheatre sound.

    There's also an option to enable playback through the laptop speakers, but I can't use that because of my missing audio jack (it says that the correct audio path to the speakers cannot be established).

    I haven't encountered any problems other than that expected one.

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