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Media Player Skips

  • I have a new Dell XPS 1710 running 32 bit Vista. When I play an mp3 using the media player to access the file I get skips (hiccups) during the last 10 to 30 seconds of each song I play. If I access (open/play) the same mp3 file by clicking on it in my music folder it plays OK. It appears it might have something to do with Media Player 11 getting ready for the next tract (or something along those lines). Of course Microsoft says in the newsgroups it is the sound drivers fault and to download the latest. I have already done that. It is a problem with Media Player...I just don't know how to fix it. any ideas?

  • I have the exact same problem.
    Any ideas?
  • Update: Following various newsgroups, I have found this to be a very common problem. However, I am happy to report that I am no longer having the problem. But, I cannot tell you exactly why. I have uninstalled a lot of the junk that came on the new Dell (mainly all the Roxio stuff...I found out I can do most everything it did by using the tools already built in to vista). Maybe getting rid of something did away with some sort of "conflict" that was going on. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • Thx for the update. I'll try uninstalling Roxio.
  • The solution is actually here on the Dell site:
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    How Can I Prevent Windows Media® Player 11 from Delaying when Playing Music in Microsoft® Windows Vista™?

    Table of Contents 1. Discussion 2. Solution
    1. Discussion

    When playing music files (e.g., .mp3, .wma) in Windows Media® Player 11 in Microsoft® Windows Vista™, there may be approximately 6-10 seconds of silence heard between each song. In addition, the message Media Changing appears on the screen during the silence.

    NOTE: This issue has not been reported in Windows Media Player 11 in Microsoft Windows® XP.
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    2. Solution
    1. Click Start, and type sound.
    2. Click Sound.
      The Sound window appears.
    3. Click Speakers/Headphones and then Properties.
      The Speakers/Headphones Properties window appears.
    4. Click the Enhancements tab.
    5. Click to check the Disable All Enhancements checkbox.
    6. Click Apply and then OK.
      The Speakers/Headphones Properties window closes.
    7. Click Apply and then OK.
      The Sound window closes.
  • I've read the Dell link about modifying the properties of the speaker to disable enhancements, etc.  But that has not fixed my problem.  I'm still experiencing sound issues while playing back an MP3.  The skipping sound WMP makes is really annoying. 
    Is there any info that actually addresses this problem with a 'real' solution rather than speculation and possible workarounds?  I've heard its a driver issue, a network card issue, etc.
    Anyone know?
    M2010 w/Vista 32 Ultimate
    Sigmatel Audio
    Dell 1500 Wireless mini card
  • Joshua905, the problem is not with the WMP 11, it is with the 1500 wireless card.  If you disable the enhancements, AND disable the wireless card (assuming you have a wired system as backup to access the internet), you will notice perfect performance from the soundcard.  I had hoped that the latest 1500 N-Draft wireless card update would resolve this problem, but it didn't.  If you have your music on your computer, try disabling the card via Control Panel>Hardware.  I'm sure those are the results you are looking for.
    Your suggestion worked for me. Good luck to the others.
  • Thanks for the info.  Anyone know what DELL is doing to fix this problem, because as far as I'm concerned it is THEIR problem at this point.  So much for HOURS of testing they CLAIM to do on the systems they sell.  Almost $4,700 for a system and something as simple as MP3 playback is something that can't be enjoyed unless i disable a wireless network card I paid good money for??
    They should replace these cards with one that will not conflict with the on board sound card.
  • Actually, this isn't a Dell issue.  This is a problem with the sigmatel audio driver and compatibility with Vista.  It's up to Microsoft and the hardware manufacturers to work out the kinks with Vista and drivers.
    Now, as for the skipping issue:
    If I understand this clearly, the issue is with only Windows Media Player.  Other programs, like WinAmp play just fine.
    How I found to fix this is to make sure the sigmatel audio driver is version 6.0.6000.16386.
    You can go into Device Manager and check the driver version.  If it is newer than 6.0.6000.16386, then you might have to try doing a Driver Rollback and with any luck it will drop you to the proper version.
    I attempted to locate the 6.0.600.16386 driver for download, but I can not seem to find it.
    Other than that, the suggestion of turning off all enhancements seems to fix it half of the time.  Can't hurt to try that too.  You can find the steps posted earlier in the thread.

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  • Actually IT IS a Dell problem ..  They manufacture, configure, sell and test the system.  The onus is on them to ensure that everything works together.  The onus is not on the customer to ensure that Dell be kept updated on their systems performance and realiablity.  They claim to test systems, and advertise that clearly.  Well, in opinion, they haven't kept their end of the deal. 
    Regardless of what hardware of software the problem is, its got DELL's name on it - which makes ity a DELL PROBLEM!
    And to clarify, the problem is with the wireless network card and its drivers not WMP.
  • So even though this issue happens on Gateway systems and several other brands...I suppose that it's Dells responsibility to fix the issue for everyone?   Any system with Vista and the same Sigmatel Audio hardware with the same Sigmatel audio driver is going to have this issue.
    Norton 2006 and earlier doesn't work with Vista, but Norton 2006 was sold on Dell systems that are Vista capable.   It isn't Dell that had to fix that.   Norton had to come out with a version of that works with Vista.   Same thing with McAfee and PC-Cillin.  But hey, since it's Dells name on the tower, I guess they must have paid off Norton, McAfee, and TrendMicro to make new versions that work with Vista.
    I guess none of the issues with Vista is Microsoft's fault for not making Vista compatible enough. is a funny fact.  Install XP on that same system with the XP drivers for all the hardware and everything will work fine.  Then, put Vista back on it with the Vista drivers for all the hardware, and then BANG...the problem is back.
    Dell might build, research, and test the systems, but things happen that cause these issues.  For example, updated drivers.  Another example, Microsoft Updates.  In fact, a Microsoft update was just released last week that has been completely knocking out the audio on several systems with the sigmatel audio.  I had that issue and Dell fixed it by removing the sigmatel audio driver and all the associated files and then installed the native Vista driver.  You go get the updated driver from windows update or from sigmatel or from the site (which is written and provided by sigmatel), and then the problem happens again.
    So this is Dell's responsibility? whatever.  I don't think so.
    My Lexmark X125 printer doesn't work with Vista.   But, hey, my XPS 700 is Vista capable.   I guess that by your standards I should blame Dell for not making sure my Lexmark printer would work with Vista.
    However, enough of my ranting :smileyvery-happy: and back on track:
    Yes, that could be the wi-fi card causing the issue.   You are dead on right about that.
    If for some reason, removing/disabling the wi-fi card doesn't resolve the issue, it can't hurt to roll back to the prev audio driver and try disabling all WMP enhancements.
    I have multiple Dells that had the exact same issue of skipping audio and every single one of them have a wi-fi card in them.   Also, every single one of them was fixed by rolling the driver back to the 6.0.6000.16386 version.

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  • Do these problems affect Dell's bottom line (as in possibly reduce sales and increase returns)?
    Then it IS a Dell problem.
    This is why they test and provide solutions for issues independant of Microsoft.
    This is a differentiator between vendors who use similar hardware and the same operating system.
    Dell does offer a solution to the skipping issue - turn off enhanced features. The driver will be perfected at some point.
    Only a fool would point to someone else and say "not my job man".
  • I can see your point on that.
    I'm not saying to point to someone else and say "not my job man".   What I'm getting at is that the issue with the sigmatel drivers (or the wi-fi drivers) in conjunction with Vista compatibility is not Dells fault.
    Sure, Dell does need to maintain responsibility to the point of pushing the issue to the manufacturer of the driver software.  Dell does needs to say "Hey Sigmatel, your driver doesn't work right with Vista.  Can you please fix this?" or "Hey Microsoft, Vista doesn't support the Sigmatel driver as it should.".   It is Dell's responsibility to provide drivers on the site for the hardware that they sell in their systems.
    In my opinion, that is all they can do.
    It's not Dell's responsibility to write a new driver, unless it is a Dell designed piece of hardware.  For example, the Dell printers.   No doubt it is Dell's responsibility to create Vista capable drivers for their printers, which Dell IS doing.    Now, should Dell have created the Vista drivers for their printers prior to Vista's release?  Maybe.  Should Dell remove any drivers from the site that don't work as they should with Vista?  Definitelly.
    I can see how it's easy to blame Dell for many issues.   Like, bad power button design on the XPS 700.   Or even the 1.4.0 BIOS for the 700 that messed up alot of systems.  Obviously they weren't tested as they should have been.
    But when it comes to 3rd party hardware manufacturers making drivers that work with a brand new OS, I will never blame Dell.     Because if I were to buy those same hardware components to build a system and install Vista on that system, I would have the same problems.   At that point, who would I blame?  I think the answer is clear.   
  • Thanks. I followed the steps you guys gave and they worked for me to under the speakers/headphones section.
    But I have a question--by clicking that "disable all enhancements" button, did I take anything else away of significance that I need to know about?  Will it affect my computer in any other way than fixing that skipping problem?  I just don't wanna do something that messes something else up.