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  • Im playing music on my laptop, from a cd, and im using the sound recorder program that came with windows, i noticed there were 2 options for recording, 1 called line in, and 1 for microphone, my microphone works, but when i select line it, and click on recording, no sound is being recorded, please help why?
  • also my soundcard, i got the
    Integrated High Definition Audio, Inspiron
  • Let me try understand....
    You are playing a CD on your laptop
    You want to record the sound coming out of the speakers back onto your laptop?
    If the answer is affirmative, do you have a microphone attached to your laptop?
    Why would you possibly want to do this?
    It is far easier to use an MP3 encoder to record your CD on the hard disk.
  • I am transferring my old cassettes to cd's. I was able to hear them being played on my XP computer but cannot hear them being played while they are recorded on to the hard drive.
    Inspiron 1505, Vista, Sigmatel
  • WDarin,

    We don't yet have the Registry edit to allow monitoring of the mic jack in Vista, but forum members are working on it.


    You need to use the recording source called "stereo mix" but it is not on the driver that Dell provides for your Sigmatel audio system.

    There is an LG driver for the Sigmatel 92xx that has stereo mix. To get it follow this path:

    LG Service Site

    1. Click on 'Product Support'
    2. Click on 'Device Driver'
    3. Select 'Notebook' from the dropdown list under 'Product'
    4. Select 'Windows XP' under 'Operating System'
    5. Type 'Sigmatel' into the subject box.
    6. Click 'search.'

    The driver to choose is labelled Ver 5.10.04866 XNOTE(LE50)

    (This driver is known to work on most of the Inspirons with the 92xx chip but reportedly not on the 640m/E1405 and XPS M1210. This driver was discovered by forum member dhkang002.)

    As you probably know the program you are using, Windows Sound Recorder, has a limit of 60 seconds recording time (but there is a way to extend that limit).


    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • I was unable to connect to the LG site--something about http.
    I am using a retail sound recording program which seems to be working ok under Vista. I recorded my input on to a cd and it sounds fine. The only problem seems to be inability to listen to recordings from an external device.
    Shouldn't the companies involved be fixing this, not volunteers?
  • WDaren, the LG driver advice was for enice177; it wouldn't have helped your problem.

    "Shouldn't the companies involved be fixing this, not volunteers?"

    Why would they? The ability to monitor has been turned off by Dell. The members are trying to find the Registry key to re-enable it.


    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Why would they turn off the ability to hear what is being recorded?  I have that ability in my Dell desktop.
  • My speculation is that they first did this back when all the laptops had built-in mics. Turning off monitoring would be a heavy handed way to control feedback caused by the mic being close to the speakers. This would free their tech support from having to constantly tell people to mute the mic volume control in Audio Properties.

    Later (still speculating) when they stopped putting mics in the computers, they left monitoring disabled because they forgot why they disabled it in the first place.

    If you want to take a look at the Registry, a poster thinks the key in Vista is



    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Your theory that they forget to enable it must be right, otherwise it makes no sense!  They put in all this "media" capability, but then you can't use it to monitor your own recordings.
    I was planning to use the laptop, for example, to help convert old super 8 movies with reel to reel soundtracks into dvd's. Now how can I do that if I cannot hear the input to time them right!  Sure there may be workarounds, but why should I have to "workaround?"
    Sooner or later I will have to try the suggested alternate drivers. I hope somebody comes up with a new proper driver.  I would rather not tinker myself with the registry.
    (I miss the Audigy on my desktop.)
    BTW, I inquired earlier if a Dell updated driver helped. I tried it and it did not.
  • Just to keep this thread alive.
  • WDaren,

    There might be some confusion as to what this thread is about. The person who started it wanted to internally record the output of his sound card. That is a driver issue involving the input source 'stereo mix'.

    You want to monitor your mic jack, a different subject entirely. That is a Registry issue involving the key 'EnableInputMonitor' that has to be added to the Registry in Vista.

    It's worth understanding the distinction between these two issues. A different driver can resolve the first issue but is unlikely to affect the second.


    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Jim, I know this is a really old post but we are having an issue recording from a dell vostro 200 xp machine.  I am assuming it is the same issue you found above.  Is there a registry fix I can use for an xp machine.



  • Hello Kathy,

    Can you clear up for me which laptop model you have? There is a Vostro 200 desktop computer, or do you have a laptop? This forum is for laptop models. There is a Vostro 1200 laptop.

    we are having an issue recording from a dell vostro 200 xp machine.

    What is the issue exactly?

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Jim,

    I am so sorry, I did not realize that it was only for Laptops and Notebooks.  Yes it is a desktop.  I've found a work around by unpluging my mic but I would like to use them both.  I will search elsewhere.  Thank you.