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AUDIO Drivers for Vista????


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AUDIO Drivers for Vista????

  • I have the inspiron e1505 and i upgraded to vista. I have the Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy Advanced MB. When i went to dell's support site to download the driver i could not find it (among others that i need). I know that Creative Labs is a third party but not for nothing but i'm sure (and know for a fact) that Dell has had their hands on Vista. I think and hope the testing would be done by now, but anyway i was just wondering if there is an ETA for these drivers. By the way i have a Dell wireless card and i can't find the driver for it either so i guess my latter point would be for the wireless card but that's in another forum right anyway any help would be appreciated
    Proud Dell owner
  • Actually the soundcard in the 1505 is the are the drivers:
    The Audigy drivers are add on's that add features to your sound card that don't come natively.  I hope they release the Audigy software for Dell soon, but remember...Creative can't even get drivers for their own cards out yet...everything at Creative is still I won't hold my breath...
  • As I recall, I think there was a similar delay with Creative when I upgraded to XP.
    That's one of the reasons I decided to order with the whole thing pre-installed. Not that I expect everything to go well 100% this way.
    As it is HP will not be issuing Vista drivers for my printer anyway.
  • Hi,
    I also own a e1505, with the sigmatel audio card...anyway, ever since I've upgraded to Vista (Premium Home Edition), I've been getting choppy audio when playing mp3's in itunes, or in windows media player.  I'm not sure what's causing the "choppyness", but it certainly didn't happen in XP.  I've tried using the default windows audio HD driver, also tried using the sigmated driver from dell's luck on either.
    Anyone have any ideas?  Is it just me, or is this happening on other ppls computers as well?  Think it's a driver issue, or something else?
  • I have also been having choppy audio and am that it is taking Dell so long to address this problem.  Additionally, my video performance on the ATI x1400 256MB video card isnt that great either.  I dont know wht Dell just didnt us users an option of a stronger video card on the inspiron e1505?
    If you find a solution, please share.
  • Hey SG,
    I tried uninstalling the windows vista audio HD driver (so that no driver was installed at all) and then installing the Sigmatel HD Audio driver and so far it's been ok...
    I only just tried this, and it's been working ok for the last hour or so, but that's not to say it's resolved (i'm a little pessimistic when it comes to driver issues).
    Good luck!
    I am running Vista on my Inspiron E1505 and I have the Wireless Draft-N card.  I too have been experiencing poping/cracking and playback slow downs when playing back audio and video.  I have installed the latest Dell drivers and this is what I have found with my sound issues.  At first I thought it was a random issue, but I started to notice it was happening exactly 1 minute apart without fail.  It took me a while to track things down but the problem only happens when I am connected to my router.  If I disable the WiFi everything plays fine.  On a side note, in Windows Media Player the SRS WOW Effects will not work at all. 
  • I am using a Dell Precision with the SB X-Fi Xtreme music and Im also getting the Choppy Audio, when I disable my Linksys Draft-N wireless card the issue goes away too.
    Not sure how to fix this, any ideas?
  • Yup, the problem hasn't actually gone away for me either.  If I disable my wireless card it helps...
    I hope this issue can be resolved by Dell soon...starting to regret upgrading to Vista already!
  • Ive got the Draft-n vista sound problem too. Has anyone got any answers out of Dell?
  • Although I have 3 years, full warranty support with Dell, it only applies to Windows XP (my system came with XP, purchased in early Oct), so I purchased the vista upgrade at BestBuy.  Anyway, I can't contact Dell re: this issue...
  • yea mine came with XP as well... I hope someone figures this out soon, as I would love to listen to an MP3 without the choppyness.
    Seems like a lot of people arehaving this issue with Vista, and im not sure its realated entirely to the Wireless
  • Well they should support Vista anyway. I even got my laptop with a Vista upgrade, but I dread getting on the phone and trying to explain this one to the tech CSRs. I can only imagine how that will go. Ive got a friend who is a Dell phone tech supervisor, she is looking into it for me, unofficially. The issue seems at least related to the wireless card. If you turn off the card, the problem goes away. and there is no draft-n driver up on the web for vista. I just tried installing the XP driver in vista -- it works fine, and it gives you many more config options...but doesnt solve the problem. I suppose the best thing would be to have as many draft-n/Vista issue people as possible to post here to make it as obvious as we can to Dell that there is a problem.
  • Hey Everyone-
    As I am writing this, the audio from my E1505 is crackling, and I am so annoyed.
    Are the updates available yet? I haven't seen any recent posts so I hope I haven't missed out on the fix.
    Where we at with this?
    Another proud Dell owner
    upgraded with Vista
    Wireless N card
    Sigma tec Audio card
    x1400 256mb video card
  • No, no fix so far. Dell has been ignoring all the people with broken vista audio since Christmas at least.

    Until Dell decides to fix the wireless/audio someone figured out you can disable the 802.11a band in the wireless card settings. That fixes the crackling for me. theres also a wireless "anti-lag" program some guy made that temporarily fixes the problem. YOu can search it.

    Short story: its still broke.