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I9300 with SigmaTel C-Major Audio - can't find sound card control panel

  • I have a I9300 with sigmatel C-Major Audio and can't find a sound card control panel. Am I supposed to have one? I don't see one in start>all programs or windows control panel (I see a SigmaTel Audio icon there but I opened it and only get 1 option for Enable Power Management). I've searched hard drive for sigmatel and found 2 folders ControlPanel and WDM in C:\Program Files\Sigmatel\C-Major Audio, however the ControlPanel folder is empty. I'm not having any trouble with sound but I'm doing some recordings and just want to check settings and adjust if needed. Is the control panel hidden by default to prevent newbie tampering or something?
  • tried double clicking the speaker icon next to the clock?
  • Yes I have that one. I clicked adjust audio properties and see sound and audio device properties with a few options - speaker volume, device, etc. I thought there might be another control panel with more advanced sound card controls, similar to the nVidia card controls?
    My recording software has 2 input options listed, microsoft sound mapping or sigmatel C. Any idea which one is better?