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VOLUME Control Icon/Display not showing up


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VOLUME Control Icon/Display not showing up

  • I don't know how to explain this. But on the front of the computer, there are some buttons for mute, volume up, volume down, play, etc. And when I first recieved my computer, whenever I pushed the volume up or down buttons, a display would come up showing the percentage of max volume. So, if I pushed "volume up," the bar would go up; if I pushed down, the bar would decrease.

    Does this make any sense?

    Well, now it doesn't show that bar anymore when I increase or decrease the volume. Any suggestions?
  • do you still have dell quickset installed?
  • I too have the same question.  After I reinstalled all of my software and drivers (Including Dell Quickset), I no longer have the display which shows speaker volume.  I have looked at Quickset but I can not see any setting for this.
    Does anyone have an answer?
    Okay, I figured out that you need to have Quickset memory resident for the display to work on the audio level.
    This solves my problem, but I know that when I first got the machine, the display was quite different.  Now with Quickset, when I change volume a rectangular box shows and the amout of coloring changes with the volume.  When I first got the machine, when I changed the volume there was a series of green bars spread accross the screen and the length was dependent upon the volume.  Anyone have any idea about what I am talking about?

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  • Ok, I installed Dell Quickset (because I didn't know whether I had it installed or not) and it told me that I already had that version of Dell Quickset installed. Nevertheless, I over-writed it and installed it again and now everything is working again. The display works! Thank you!
  • I also had this problem and I resolved it by run DELL Quickset in programs, then it shows up in your task bar, and everythings works fine then, maybe you shut down quickset in the taskbar that's why you didn't see the volume bar.