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Latitude D820 and Line-in?


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Latitude D820 and Line-in?

  • Hi
    I have a Lattitude D820 and the Dell docking station. I'm trying to connect a radio with line out to line-in on my Laptop. I can't get any sound through to the speakers, neither the build in or via the Speaker out jack in the laptop or in the dockingstation.
    I have enabled Line-in in the SigmalTel control panel that pops-up when i insert the line-in jack, and also enabled Line-in in the XP sound recording control panel.
    The configuration with cable and radio works perfectly on my desktop PC.
    I have installed the latest SigmalTel drivers form the Dell drivers page.
    Any ideas of what i can try?
    br Lars

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  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with my Latitude D820, but without the docking station. I have checked for the Sigmatel version and it is up to date but there is not volume option for the line in (or microphone) in the volume control... The recording works fine but there is no way to listen to what is being recorded at the same time on the speakers. Anyone has a reason for this? is this a hardware limitation???

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • got the answer to this problem on this link on the forum


  • Hi,
    I have the same problem with my D620. Have installed an up-to-date drivers, bus still could not find a 'DisableMicFromPlayback' entry in my register, as described in the link above. I've also looked for it manually in that directory, bu it still isn't there.
    Here is a screenshot of my regedit:

    So, how could I fix it?
  • A month of waiting and still no solution?!

    Why DELL can't make a new audio driver, where this issuoe is fixed? It is not so hard to do!
  • Hi All ,
    Issue can be fixed by applying the solution in the link below
    I tried the solution on my D620 Machine , and issue fixed .