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Playing music and dvd's through a projector


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Playing music and dvd's through a projector

  • Hello i have a new dell inspiron 600m series laptop. I use at my church to project words for worship. I was wondering how can i play me DVD's and CD's throught this projector.
    Thanks for the help
  • You'd need audio and video cables to run from the laptop to the projector.
  • I have the cable that goes into the back of my computer that I use to run the slides. I can't use that cable?


    thanks for the help

  • You should be able to. I don't know what you want to do about sound though. I'm assuming though that the cable doesn't include connection for the sound output. If you connect the laptop using the cable you have, you should just be able to play the DVD as it will see the projector as an external monitor. Then you could get a cable to run sound to an external sound system.
  • thanks but what program should i use to get the DVD's to play??


  • Well firstly, you'll need a dvd player in your laptop, which i assume you have. If so, the dvd should autorun when you place it in the drive. If not, you'll probably be looking for something like PowerDVD or WinDVD, which should already be installed.