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Audio Controller Driver for Inspiron 9300


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Audio Controller Driver for Inspiron 9300

  • Hi, I'm looking for audio controller driver for the Inspiron 9300.  The closest thing I've found so far is this:  <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>
    but the install didn't work for me....
  • I also need the audio driver for the 9300. I did not receive a driver disk with the notebook and the driver is not listed under the downloads for the 9300. After a reformat and reinstall I do not have the audio driver and the modem driver to install the last hardware devices.

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  • Call up Dell and request that they send the Resource CD that contains the drivers. I did that with my Dim8400.
  • I am having the same problem. The "Multimedia Audio Controller" has a big question mark next to it in my device manager. Also, I tried installing the 9200 audio drivers and it did nothing but freeze up my computer. Now every time I start up my computer it looks for audio drivers. I have no idea where to find them.
  • Also, my computer didn't come with a drivers CD or a HD image CD. I had to call Dell last night, wait 45 min to speak to a tech representative, then talk to him for 30 min just to get them to send me a drivers CD. This is rediculous. Since when did Dell ship out computers without a drivers CD? All I need are the audio drivers, thats it.

    Is it possible for anyone with a sound working Inspiron 9300 to some how copy their sound drivers to a disk? If so could you do that and contact me, I would really appreciate it.
  • Dell had them up but took them down for some reason. Anyways, I found a link that hosted the drivers. Here it is:


  • I see several more people with the same problem. Check out this thread.

  • What I posted gives you a download to the drivers. They worked for me. Why would they need to check out a thread?
  • Hey I downloaded the driver ben had and now my pc is working fine
  • Oh yes it will not really work if you are trying to unzip the files using windows 7, but it will work if you run the downloaded self-extracting file into windows xp service pack 3 compatability mode and it should be ok. Anyway, thanks to Leokokanee...great job mate