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Bad sound on Dell Inspiron 5150


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Bad sound on Dell Inspiron 5150

  • I have a complaint about the sound on my Dell Inspiron 5150. It's a great laptop but when I first put a DVD in to play a movie I could hardly hear it. I downloaded the latest sound drivers but that did not help. I have two older Inspirons and the sound is awesome. What happened? I hate the fact I have to attach external speakers to hear quality sound. Fact is, when I travel I can't even use external speakers. Yeah, I know, I can use my headphones but then what about other people around me who want to hear.

  • I have loaded all available drivers that are on Dells web site.   I also did the online chat support and the person I chated with advised me on what to install. I had to uninstall and reinstall the audio driver per his instructions. Still no change.

    Current audio driver loaded.


    One more thing. If you double-click on the Volume icon in system tray and click on advanced settings you will notice you have no option to change your base or treble. What I am trying to say is the speakers and sound on this laptop are cheap. I paid a lot of money for this laptop and expected more from Dell.

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  • I totally agree with you, Dell is downgrading its reputation by using dirty chip part and charging high price for it, my sound speaker has very annoying high pitch noise for everything, what a shame.

    Plus the network card driver problem untill I installed the sp2 recently, and the well known GF5200 driver problem inatially, what a cr*p (they won't let me type that word in, I thought we are in a democracy country), if it is not for that 15% restocking fee (isn't this a joke for such a big compnay??), I will definately return this piece of sh*t.

    So long for Dell, this is the first and only time that I will deal with them.