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volume button doesn't work


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volume button doesn't work

  • I guess this goes under audio, but eversince I upgraded my windows with the service pack2 the volume button does not adjust the volume.  I downloaded all the upgrades for the drivers for my d600 as well.  The new quickset driver seem to be it, but it still doesn't work.  When I click on the buttons the, volume meter shows up but the volume doesn't change.  help?
  • Hi,

    You can try downloading IntelliType from Microsoft's website at http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/9/E/F9ED1BA8-4233-43C4-A915-8107CF84869A/ITP5_2Eng.exe.

    This will take over the shortcut keys and hopefully sort out your volume problems.

    I've been running SP2 on my D600 for a while now, and the volume buttons have been fine all the time.

    Failing that, check that you have the latest audio drivers installed. If the volume doesn't change then there may be a communication problem between your machine and the soundcard. Does the sound work at the moment? Can you adjust the volume normally, by clicking the volume button in the system tray?


  • My down volume button was the only one working so I downloaded the latest audio driver.  The OSD and volume only works when using Fn + Page Up/Down but the up volume hardware button still doesn't work.
  • I suspect there is something physically wrong with the buttons, or there is a problem with the connection between the button's circuit board and the motherboard.
    You may need to open up your laptop to check this. A service manual, with all the instructions you'll need can be found at http://docs.euro.dell.com/docs/.
    You shouldn't have to go very far inside. Just removing the central control cover (the bit of plastic with the on/off and volume buttons on it) should reveal your problem. If you find nothing to suspect, try removing the circuit board with the actual buttons on it, and then re-connect it.
    If you don't fancy doing this, then get Dell to send out an engineer.
    Beforehand, try installing Microsoft IntelliType, from www.microsoft.com/hardware.
    This will take control of the 'hotkeys' on your keyboard. If you still experience failures with IntelliPoint, you are probably facing a hardware problem. The IntelliPoint OSD is also far nicer than the Dell one!
    By the way, Windows XP natively supports extra volume buttons. You mentioned re-installing the audio drivers. In this case, re-installing QuickSet would have been more appropriate, as this is the program which 'listens' to the buttons. It's an un-necessary function, as XP can cope on its own.
    I hope this helps. If you need any extra assistnace, inside or outside of the laptop, just post back!
  • For my brand new D800(got it last week, november 22, 2004), right out of the box with W2k, the volume keys(both the FN version and the dedicated) display the Volume Meter but the volume remains the same.

    One would have thought that DELL would have fixed this by now considering the amount of posts in the various forums....

    Anyone who actually managed to solve this problem without installing third party software?