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5150 audio question


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5150 audio question

  • jimco,

    i wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the soundblaster mp3+ gadget as a way of solving the problem i had monitoring (by hearing) material being recorded to my laptop. i bought the item in london for 40 pounds and it's worked. unfortunatley i still could not get the matter corrected on the laptop itself. dell continued to be useless. their international support system is pathetic to say the least and needs a major overhaul. i just hope the laptop i bought lasts three years as i shudder to think what service i'd get if anything major happened. i have learnt never to buy a dell product again.



  • I having similiar problem , My lappie 5150 runs nice eventhough could not compete with my xpc shuttle 3.06

    my microphone does not working , ....I open the volume controller on accessories - entertaiment - volume control

    I try to click ( this is the problem ) to enable the microphone on the control ( i set to recording ) but it does not allow me to click on it.


    how to enable my microphone , i use skype to communicate overseas

  • TechThunder 05,

    From some other posts I see that the 5150 does not have an internal mic, so I assume you are using an external one (what kind?).

    When you say the mic isn't working, do you mean you tried to make a recording with a program like Windows Sound Recorder, but when you played back the recording you didn't hear anything, or did you try to test the microphone some other way? Need more details to understand the nature of the problem.

    Follow this path:

    Start/Control panel/Sound and Audio Devices

    Make sure 'place volume icon in the taskbar' is checked and applied. Afterwards, just right click on the speaker icon and on 'adjust audio properties' to return to this place.

    Click the 'Audio' tab, then the 'Sound recording' 'volume' tab to open the recording control panel. If there is a column for 'microphone' make sure the 'select' box under it is checked.

    If there is no microphone column, click on 'options', then 'properties'. Under 'show the following volume controls' check the box next to 'microphone'. Click OK to go back to the recording panel. Select the microphone. Click on 'advanced' and check 'microphone boost' if you are not using an external mic preamp.

    Did this solve the problem?   Jim

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Jimco,


    I got those already

    but when i try to click the mute button ( so it unmute the microphone fuction)

    i cant click it , the green sign saying that muted still there ...just couldn't click it


    so the microphone cant fuctioning


    thank you

  • TT05,

    The 'mute' you are trying to uncheck is in the Sound Playback volume control panel. That doesn't have anything to do with whether the mic works or not. That mute just prevents you from monitoring the mic input; in other words, you can't hear it while you are recording.

    You need to actually try to record with the mic, using Windows Sound Recorder located at Accessories/entertainment.

    Before you try that, you must go to the Sound Recording recording control panel and configure for mic recording there. The path and instructions are in my previous post.

    If you don't try to actually record with the mic, then you don't know if you have a problem or not.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Hi Jimco


    I had done that


    still no sound recorded


    i use my mic to other computer

    works great


    what should i do ???

  • TT,

    It is hard for me to understand you with so few details. Instead of saying things like 'I got those' and 'I had done that' why won't you say exactly what you got and what you did. If I were there sitting at your computer I would quickly learn all of the facts I need to know. Since I can't be there you have to make the effort to use words to 'paint' a picture for me of what is going on. Don't be stingy with the words, and use them precisely.

    You still have not answered the questions I asked previously... what kind of mic, what recording program are you using, etc.

    You went into the recording control panel and 'microphone' was listed? And you checked the select box under it? And you raised the mic volume control all the way and you checked 'mic boost'?

    If yes to all of these, then you should try reinstalling the audio driver. That's all I can think of since I have so few details of your situation.

    Good luck, Jim


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • JImco,

    Thanks for your info. on editing the registry to activate the mic. input for playback.  I've tried Dell Tech Support 3 times with no luck !!  Anyways, I still got an issue, and was wondering if you could help.  The audio has alot of static and is almost unbearable to listen to.  Is there anything i can do ?  To give you a little background, I bought an adapter to connect my VCR to my PC, so, i can record my old tapes to my laptop, then I plan on burning them to DVD's.  But, when I play back the video from my PC, the audio is very poor and almost inaudible.  I'm thinking that there must be something I can use to clear up the audio.  Any info. would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • Cheetaman,

    sorry I don't really know much about this. I have never recorded video. Maybe someone over on the Audio Production and Editing board would know.

    Just a thought or two. A lot of us have ground loop problems when connecting to another device. A symtom of that would be if the sound quality improves when you run the laptop on its battery.

    Another thing, does other audio play back the way it should? If so, then it seems like the problem lies within the recording process...not getting a clean recolrding due to poor levels or something.

    Just out of curiousity, what program do you use to record the video & audio?


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Jimco,

    the playback and record audio are about the same quality (very poor).  I use a program called PVR-Plus.  It came with my adapter.  The adapter is made by kworld (http://www.kworld.com.tw/).  It's called DVD maker USB 2.0.  Not sure if you or anybody else is familiar with it.  Thanks.

  • As long as we're on this subject, I also have a 5150 without a line in.  Does anyone know whether the mic in is functionally (impedance, freq response) the same as a line in? 




  • Doug,

    Sigmatel has a pdf at its site giving an input impedance of 50K 'for all inputs except pc beep.' I don't know what chip you have, but you might be able to get its specs from its site.

    I have a Fostex mixer that lists impedance as 20K 'or higher' for mic and line. A couple of Art mic preamps show mic impedance as 2K, and line impedance as 840K.

    Speaking of functionality, one day out of curiosity I sent a line level signal thru every  mic input on my2  hardware mixers. As long as the preamps were turned off, they all performed exactly like a line-in as far as I could tell. I also recorded through the mic-in on a SoundBlaster soundcard on another computer. With 'mic boost' off, I got the same quality recording as when going through the line-in, but in mono.

    Both mixers are setup so that all of the main inputs are line level with a gain slider, and some of those double as mic inputs, with a button to add an extra decibel boost which a mic needs. My thinking is that the computer mic input acts the same; when you you turn off 'mic boost' you are left with a mono line in with a gain control (the input volume setting).

    Anyway, when I first got my Inspiron, I made some recordings using condensor and dynamic microphones going thru the Art preamps into the mic jack, with 'mic boost' off (the external preamps create a line level signal). Except for the noise of the integrated audio device in the laptop, I thought the results were good. However, I don't have the golden ears so it might have sounded worse than I thought.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • HI, Jim,

     I bought 5150 two months ago. i was wondering if it has a built in miocrophone? I have tried to record voice but it no sound is recorded.



  • I'm experiencing the same problem described originally - can't hear mic input through my speakers - but my registry (I'm using an Inspiron 4150) doesn't seem to have the entries that have been mentioned (like DisableMicFromPlayback). Can anyone help me solve this problem?



  • dongsun cao,

    I don't have a 5150 but apparently it does not have a built in mic:



    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04