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Inspiron n5050 headphone issues


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Inspiron n5050 headphone issues

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Friday I bought a new, never been opened Inspiron 15 n5050. Today, I plugged headphones into the jack for the first time, and it will not play out of the right speaker. I reinstalled the drivers and it still doesn't work properly. 

I'm assuming the port is broken, but I wanted to check here just in case. This is incredibly frustrating, given that I just bought it two days ago. 

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  • Do you mean the right speaker of the h/phones isn't working or that after using h/phones the right speaker in the laptop doesn't work ? or both ?

    If the first problem then have you tried another set of 'phones. Sometimes the 3.5 mm jacks can be slightly non standard and give odd issues. Also have you tried  your 'phones on another PC/MP3/CD player etc to confirm they are OK.  

  • The right speaker of the headphones isn't working when I plug them into the jack. Not sure about the right speaker of the laptop; I'm in class at the moment.

    The headphones aren't broken. They work fine with my ipod.

    I did halfway plug them in, and gave them a little jiggle, and the right speaker started working when the left was not. I'm assuming this confirms that there's a problem with the headphone jack. Looks like I'll be taking it back to the store and exchanging for a new one.

  • You need to make sure the right speaker of the laptop works too, although it does sound like there could be a problem with the actual socket. I would still advise you to just try another set of 'phones in the laptop if possible. As mentioned, sometimes there are minor physical differences between what should be standard and 100% compatable plug/socket combinations.

    If you plug them halfway in you make the connection between the tip and middle ring of the plug and you actually get mono sound as the left and right speakers on the phones are then wired "in series" and missing the ground connection.

    So yes... it could be faulty but try and prove it first :)    

  • Just tested another set of headphones, and the same problem occurred. I also tested the speakers, and those are both fine. Must be the jack, unless there's any other reason that could have caused it...

    I guess this is one of those things where I kind of knew what was going on, but was hoping that it wouldn't be true. I'll be taking it back to the store tomorrow then :/