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E5420 Internal Mic not showing up in device manager


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E5420 Internal Mic not showing up in device manager

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I have an E5420 runnning Windows 7 64 bit.  The BIOS shows that the internal microphone is activated but it does not show up in the device manager nor does it show up when looking in the recording devices window.  In the device manager there are two High Definition Audio Devices installed, but looking at the properties of them one seems to point to the right side jack (a combo jack) and the other to the left side jack which does not physically exist.  There is one item in the device manager under Other devices listed as an Unknown Device.

I have gone through the troubleshooter located at 


but this has not solved the problem.  How can I get the internal mic to work?

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  • Hi Maestroc,

    The microphone for this computer model is optional. I am sending you a private message. Please respond with the system Service Tag and your name so that I can check the system details and assist you further. If you sure about the fact that the laptop was bought with a preinstalled microphone, then you can try the following steps:
    Note: Microphones do not show up in Device Manager.

    1. Ensure that microphone is enabled in ‘Recording Devices’
    2. Open ‘Recording Devices’ window
    3. Right click on the empty space, choose ‘Show Disabled Devices’
    4. If microphone shows up, then right click on ‘Microphone’
    5. Choose ‘Enable’
    6. Restart the computer

    If the above steps do not work, then try the following steps:

    1. Check with external headsets
    2. If external headset and the internal microphone does not work, then
    3. Click on ‘Start’
    4. Click on ‘Accessories’
    5. Click on ‘Sound Recorder’
    6. Click on ‘Start recording’ (record your voice for about 2-4 minutes)
    7. Click on ‘Stop Recording’, save  the file on the desktop
    8. Play the saved file and check if its working

    If external headsets do not work, uninstall and reinstall updated drivers:

    1. Click on the link http://dell.to/OuLIER
    2. Click ‘Get Driver’ on the first option
    3. Check on the radio box ‘Single-file download’
    4. Click on ‘Continue’
    5. Click on ‘Save’
    6. Choose the location as desktop, save the file on the desktop
    7. Double click on the file; choose ‘Continue’
    8. Click 'OK' on Select the folder where you want to unzip the files( Make a note of the folder location)
    9. Click ‘Yes’
    10. Click ‘Ok’, follow the on screen instructions and install the file
    11. Restart the computer

    In case you do not get prompts on the screen for instructions, then

    1. Browse to the folder where the files were unzipped and locate the setup file
    2. Double click on the file; follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation

    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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