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No Hdmi sound to TV from my Studio 1747


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No Hdmi sound to TV from my Studio 1747

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I have had this laptop for a while now and it's always been easy to plug it into the TV and watch a movie.  Now it will only show the video, there is no audio.  I've looked on line and through this forum and from what I've readt looks like my HDMI audio device is missing.  I do not have a TV or HDMI device listed in the Playback tab of the Sound configuration applett. I'm beginning to think that when I upgraded to the newest drivers a month ago,  this was some how lost.  What shoulkd I do to get it back? 

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  • Hello. Have you seen the HDMI Audio FAQ? I don't know what to tell you except what is in it.

    Go to Start>Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab. Make "HDMI" the default device. If "HDMI" is not there, right click in the white area and look under "Show Disconnected Devices" or "Show Disabled Devices" and see if it is there. (Tthis applies only to Vista & 7.  XP does not have "show disconnected devices. )

    If there is still no option to select "HDMI' as the default audio playback device, try re-installing or updating the graphics driver, or even try an older version. The graphics driver is the driver for HDMI audio, not the regular audio driver. A few people with Intel graphics had better results by uninstalling the graphics driver, rebooting, and letting Windows look for a driver (instead of downloading the driver from the Dell support site).

    I'm beginning to think that when I upgraded to the newest drivers a month ago,  this was some how lost.  What shoulkd I do to get it back? 

    Was it the graphics driver? Find it in Device Manager, right click and in the Properties look for "Rollback Driver".

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Well, I upgraded all the drivers (except the card reader) that was three weeks ago.  Anyway I tried the suggestion of uninstalling the Graphics driver and allowing the system to re-installed on reboot.  And it worked there is now an HDMI audio device in the playback tab.  HOWEVER, as soon as I plug in the TV to the HDMI output. the device in the tab goes away.  Unplug it, it comes back; plug it in and it's gone again.  I'm begining to think that there is something different about the LG TV's HDMI ports.    I have a 400 disc Sony  DVD player.  It has an HDMI output it plays fine on my Visio LCD TV, but it is not recognized  on any of the LG LED TV's HDMI ports.  

  • Are you connecting cables with the laptop and tv off, then turn on tv and selectr the HDMI input, and then turn on laptop?

    If more than one port on tv try that but shut down or reboot laptop each time you try something different.

    If HDMI still goes away, right click and "Show disabled devices" and also "Show disconnected devices".

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member




    My system is Win 7 premium 64 bit.

     I had the same problem. My solution was to uninstall the video driver (R271318) and reinstall it.

    A word of caution:

    Before you uninstall the video driver, be sure to get the driver from the Dell Website before you delete the driver and

    once the driver is deleted you will need to increase the screen resolution to its highest range.

    Then reinstall the HDMI/sound driver ( R260553).

    I found that I get TV sound this way but If I change the configuration then it stops working.


    For example there are times when I want to watch TV but have the sound go thru my Blue tooth head set.

    That will work , but after that start playing sound via the Blue tooth  I can't go back to having sound play thru the TV.


    My solution is this.

    I willl reinstall both drivers . When thats done, I created a restore point and named it  "HDMI works".


    After that if it stops working I just do a system restore to a point where you know that the HDMI audio works.





  • Thanks for posting that. I added your Studio 1747 solution to the HDMI Audio FAQ.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member