Sound Driver for Windows 7 on Dell vostro 1400 with 100% work


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Sound Driver for Windows 7 on Dell vostro 1400 with 100% work

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Sound Driver for Windows 7 on Dell vostro 1400 with 100% work


After Installing Windows 7 on your Dell vostro 1400

  1. Go to the Device Manager and uninstall existing sound driver
  2. Install Registry File
  3. Install Downloaded Sound Driver (SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio)
  4. Restart Your Dell vostro 1400


For Sound Driver

For Registry File(size 69kb only) mail me @

<ADMIN NOTE: Email ID removed per privacy policy>

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  • Dear Sir,

    Please send me one registry file for audio driver (Sigmatel).

    my email id - <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

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  • Hi Rajesh Ale,

    Welcome to the Community.

    It is great to see that you have posted a fix for the sound driver issues on Dell vostro 1400. Thank you and it would definitely help our Customers who would be looking for a fix for the same issue.

    Thanks & Regards


    Dell Social Media Responder

    Thanks and regards,
    Swapnajan MC

  • hi....can u email me registry file...i really need it coz my lappy sound is not working..thanks n best regard..

  • aliabu
    ...can u email me registry file...

    This is my method of installing a Vista driver into Windows 7. The driver adds the necessary Registry entries.

    Download the Sigmatel driver package R171786. This is the Vista audio driver for the Vostro 1400. It is for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

    Extract the files (unzip or unpack) but cancel the installation process. Go to the hard drive to
    c:\Dell\Drivers\R171786 (This is the folder that is created when you unpack the download. It contains the driver files.)
    Right click on setup.exe and select Properties. Find the compatibility tab to select Vista.

    my lappy sound is not working

    If your audio is not working and installing the audio driver does not help, see the "No Audio" FAQ.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • I have uploaded registry file at 4shared

    just follow this link


  • Thank you very much Rajesh for giving such great instructions and supplying the registry file!  You have answered my last 4 hours of searching the net to find this fix where I graciously thank you so much for doing this!  Big Smile

  • Hi Rajesh,

    I am currently facing this problem where my Vostro 1400 is not giving any sound output at all.

    Here is my case details:

    1. Fresh install windows 8

    2. Installed Intel Chipset drivers

    3. Installed Sigmatel Sound driver

    When I play some media, it shows that windows is producing sound in the sound volume mixer , but nothing came out of the speakers. I have tried uninstalling sound driver, run with vista compatibility mode but still not working. The other solutions suggest to install Dell System Software first, however since I am using windows 8 it won't install at all. Will you share with me the registry file? Seems like the link you posted in 4shared got blocked.

    Thank you for your help.

  • thethirdfarial
    run with vista compatibility mode but still not working. The other solutions suggest to install Dell System Software first,

    If you installed the Sigmatel Vista driver R171786 into 8 by using Vista compatibility mode then you don't need the System Software. It should be working. Have you tried listening through headphones or external speakers to see if the audio signal  is getting as far as the headphone jack?

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • So I don't need the system software as I installed the Sigmatel Vista driver R171786 on Vista compatibility mode right? Unfortunately it is still not working. The jack do produce output but the speaker won't give any sound at all.

    Tried uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart, still no hope..

  • If you are getting sound through the headphone jack then your Sigmatel driver is working okay. You could have a hardware issue called sense pin failure. See the Headphone Jack FAQ for a description of the problem and how to diagnose and fix it.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Hello Third Farial and all,

    Since the link by Rajesh got taken done, I've re-uploaded his work here:

    I'm not sure how long it will stay up but in the meantime, hopefully it will fix it as I know how frustrating it is not to have your speakers work so wanted to pay forward the help I received.  

    Good luck!

  • Hi Michael_Ngo

    Thank you for the files. The registry did the magic! The speaker produces sound as normal now. Thank you so much!

    Now I'll keep the registry as top priority backup file.... :)

  • Hi Third,

    Awesome to hear it helped!  I know what you mean about keeping it as a back up as I'm doing the same.  Really nice of Rajesh to have originally made the package.  Take care!

  • Hi Michael...the file has been deleted...

    can you pls email me the Registry File???

    my email address is <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

    Thank you very much~

  • Hello Shinee, I sent the email.  Hope that helps.

  • hello Michael

    i am using windows 8 on dell vostro 1400.. i am unable to install audio driver..

    would you please suggest me something... or can u give me registry file for this..

    Thanks and regards..