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Inspiron 17r Special Edition Sound

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Is there a way to tell if the subwoofer 'from my Skull candy 2.1 sound is working?  I had crackling issues with my sound that were fixed when a Dell Tech installed Microsoft HD sound Driver.  Since then the sound in iTunes and YouTube doesn't have the bass it use to have.  Under control panel in sound settings in windows it tests left and right speakers which now sound great and don't crackle but I can't test the speaker up by the battery that was the speaker that was crackling in the first place.

Windows 7 Home Premium : i7-3610QM 2.30GHz : 8GB Ram : GT 650m

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  • Hello. I don't know what options if any your model has for managing the bass, whether or not you can turn the woofer on & off. You could run a player that has eq like Windows Media Player and run the bass sliders up and down. If you don't hear a noticeable difference then the woofer is off.

    Your model has IDT audio hardware and should have an IDT audio driver, so you would normally see this on your Sound properties:

    Not necessarily the same devices, but the words "IDT High Definition Codec". Apparently the tech deleted the driver so now you probably see the words "High Definition Audio Device".  That would indicate that the audio hardware is running on the Windows native HD audio driver, which is a generic Intel driver intended to provide basic audio on any computer with HD audio hardware. Although it provides audio sometimes not all functions of the hardware will work. For complete functionality one has to run the manufacturer's (IDT not Dell) driver.

    The drivers & downloads page for the 7720 SE lists the IDT, A00, dated June 4 as the current driver. It is the initial version of the driver and is brand new so it could be buggy.  If you want you could install that driver and see if the woofer function returns. If the sound is crackly with the IDT driver but not with the native driver then it looks like the tech did not fix the problem, only masked it. In that case I don't know if the problem is with the IDT driver or if the woofer hardware is bad and causing crackling when engaged.

    To install the IDT driver just download and launch it.

    To re-install the native driver (after installing the IDT driver) you have to completely remove the IDT driver files. There are a couple of ways to do this. The simplest is to go Start>Control Panel>Uninstall a Program. Find the IDT audio driver and uninstall it. When you reboot the computer Windows will be unable to find the IDT driver and so will install its native audio driver.

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