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IDT High Definition Audio Codec -- new driver for Vostro 3350 -- Thanks!

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I know that the Forums are mostly for problems and complaints, but I wanted to say I really appreciate that Dell and IDT have produced a new audio driver package for the Vostro 3350 ultra-light notebook.  The sound was one of the least impressive things about this model.  Even with all the tweaking in the IDT control panel, it sounded thin and scratchy without headphones or earbuds.

With the new driver, there is an enormous improvement in both volume and quality.  The audio is much more responsive to control panel tweaks.

Thanks for providing this, and supporting a product that is getting on toward a year old (a virtual age in computing)

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NOTE: I am not and have never been employed or paid any fees by Dell.  In fact, I do not know anyone personally who works for Dell.

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