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Waves Maxxaudio 3

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Where can I download the Waves Maxxaudio 3 for the XPS L702x running Windows 7 64bit? I reinstalled win7 but I cannot find the software for the maxxaudio. I was ableto reinstall the quickset drivers and teh realtek audio, but no waves :(

Please advise

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  • To my knowledge Maxxaudio should be included with the Realtek ALC665 Audio driver and for the XPS L702X may be downloaded from the following link.


    One thing to test is to look for the Realtek HD Audio Manager; there should be an icon in control panel.  If you are able to bring that up, look to see if Waves Maxxaudio is enabled.  Installing Quickset is important as well.

    Here is a link to a DCF forum thread where other users are looking for Waves Maxxaudio as well.


    You may also want to take a look at installing Dell Digital Download and log on to your account.  They may have Waves software to download, and if you ordered Sound Blaster XIFI MB it will be located there. You can download Dell Digital Delivery from the following link


    Here is a FAQ for Dell Digital Delivery


    If you received backup media with your system check the Resource CD it may have the software as well.


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  • Thank You Terry! 

    I have installed and re-installed the realtek audio driver and have gone to the realtek website to find the Waves Maxxaudio software/controller that came with the laptop (which is totally different than the Realtek ALC665 controller), but still no luck.  Is there a particular way that it needs to be installed? And I have also checked the Realtek controller if there's a place i can enable Maxxaudio but i didnt see it. 

  • Ramen01

    Where you able to find the Realtek Audio manager from control panel?

    The Audio Manager has three tabs, Main, Speaker / Headphone and Microphone

    On the Main tab there is an option for volume, an on / off switch for Waves and a on / switch for Andrea Microphone Tech.  

    Click on the Speakers / Headphone tab there is an on / off switch for the equalizer and speaker setup.  For the speaker setup there is an option to check MaxxBas, MaxxTreble, MaxxStereo, MaxxVolume, MaxxDialog and Leveler.  

    Do you see any of this? If not, if you don’t mind get a screen shot of the Audio Controller that you do have and post it.

    If you don’t have any type of Audio Manager try Dell Digital Delivery and see if you have any further options there to download.  If you received backup media with the notebook look in the resource CD.

    Let me know if you still have can't find the Waves software.


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  • here is a screenshot of the audio controller:

  • here is screenshot 2 - Speakers tab:

    Totally missing the option to check MaxxBas, MaxxTreble, MaxxStereo, MaxxVolume, MaxxDialog and Leveler. And totally different from the original controller that came with the laptop initially. 

  • This certainly doesn't look like the audio manager that I have seen.  Did you get this from Dells website


    or directly from RealTek?


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  • I have a Dell XPS L702x Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit system with the Sound Blaster X-FiMB (optional Sound Blaster, pd extra $$ by me- installed by Dell)


    I agree with TB that this does not look like the audio manager that I have in my system and I have the WavesMaxx 3 as well.


    The path to access MaxxWaves3 is as follows on "my" pc :

    C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVBg64.exe /MAXX3  


     you should be able to go to....Start,Control Panel,Hardware and Sound, Realtech HD Audio Manager, Wavessmaxx3


    Hope this helps,


  • How to find the Drivers and Utilities for the Waves Maxxaudio3 for a Dell XPS L702x Windows 64-bit System



    I believe I have the answer!!

    I went to www.realtek.com.tw
    and finally found the Drivers for the Realtek Audio MaxxWaves3!!

    I suggest (HIGHLY) that you FIRST Download the "README" for the 64bit Windows7 Driver Only (Executable file), and it'll show you each driver description and has the same properties as "My" system driver files for the Realtek HD Wavesmaxx3 and I have a Dell XPS L702x Windows 64-bit System.



    So go to www.realtek.com.tw


    Go to Home > Downloads > Computer Peripheral ICs > PC Audio Codecs > High

    Definition Audio Codecs > Software > (Then you have to accept the Terms) > Software and Driver and Utilities


    Go to : Windows

    FIRST DOWNLOAD the "README" file and read it "ALL THE WAY THRU" at it explains what you have to do to get the appropriate Drivers and Utilities to Download properly.....

    which is located directly under Description :
    64bits Vista, Windows7 Driver Only (executable file) Version R2.68

    US1 for United States West Coast or
    US2 for United States East Coast

    Then, after doing all suggested steps in the README, download the Exectuable File Version R2.68 (or Zip File) for your correct configuration of Windows.

    Maybe this helps a 'lil more :)