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Dell Studio 1535 Integrated Microphone Does Not Work!


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Dell Studio 1535 Integrated Microphone Does Not Work!

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Hi! I'm using a Dell Studio 1535 - Windows 7 64bit OS. I read the Dell Studio 1537 thread about the same issue ( but the drivers and solutions there have not worked. The microphones did work after I had upgraded the OS to Windows 7 from Vista.

The microphone stopped working a little while ago, but I had stopped using this laptop for a while so I didn't try to fix it at the time. I can't recall what I was doing that may have impacted the recording.

The webcam (video) works fine, but I can't get it to record any sound.

Under Device Manager, I do not see any hardware components with a missing driver (no yellow "!" or red "X"). I am also unable to see any "microphone array" option under Sound or Skype.

Please help!

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  • Hello. I read that thread you linked to very carefully. I don't have much to add to what they said but here is what I have.

    You usually need 2 pieces of software  for the mic array, One of them is the webcam driver, which for 7 is supposed to be native so you should not have to download it. However there is an available download for 7 for the Studio 1535, "Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam",  file name R214419, version A14 don't know if it would help or confuse the issue to install it.

    The other software is the Dell Webcam Manager application. The only 7 version I could find that might work for you is this one, R230103.  The Studio 1535 is not listed as being compatible but a Studio 1537 owner verified that it works on that model. It is not the Webcam Manager per se, but a large download for monitors that must have the Manager imbedded within it. I have seen posts from people with other models who have used it and don't remember anyone saying it messed up anything, but just in case I would make a restore point before installing it.

    When all of the software is installed, you activate the mic array by

    1. Click Start.
       2. When the menu opens, highlight either All Programs or Programs.
       3. Click the Dell Webcam folder, then click the Dell Webcam Manager icon to open it.
       4. In the Dell Webcam Manager, click the Dell Webcam Center.
       5. In the lower right-hand corner of the Dell Webcam Center window, click the drop-down arrow next to Audio Source and click Digital Mic to enable the microphone. (On some models click Microphone/Line-in>More>Microphone Array.)

    The actual paths might be a little different in 7. Also this assumes that the IDT audio driver is installed. In the thread you linked to I noticed that vicky85 who could not get an external mic to work did not have the IDT driver but instead was using the native 7 audio driver which lacks some functions.

    Well, this might not help but it is all I've got. The issue is complicated here because you are running 7 which Dell does not support for your model.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Thanks for your reply! I had already tried your first software link but I always get the following message:

    The hardware detected is not supported by this idt software package. the install will be aborted.

    I'm currently downloading the second link (larger file) and I'll report back how that goes.

  • No luck with the second software either. It's the same thing as before. I also still don't have an option for Microphone Array (I believe I used to have this when it was working).

    I have: Internal Mic (IDT HIgh Definition Codec) and Microphone/Line in (IDT High Definition Codec)

  • Did you check "show disabled devices" as per the thread you linked to?

    The mic might have become faulty.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Yup, the "show disabled devices" is checked with nothing additional showing up.

    Where under device manager would I find the microphone?

  • I'm not that familiar with 7 but It should be under "Imaging Devices". The digital mic array is a part of the device known as Dell Webcam or Integrated Webcam. The mic array does not have a driver separate from the webcam so I would not expect it to be listed as an individual device.

    On your model the mic array was optional at the time of purchase. To the best of my knowledge if you ordered the optional webcam then you automatically got the mic array. Your model also includes a standard internal mic which should work off the IDT audio driver, and is most probably the mic referred to by the "Internal Mic (IDT HIgh Definition Codec)" that you mentioned.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Thanks! I have three small holes near by webcam (one is the light, and two are for the sound input). I'm pretty sure I have the array model.

    I did look under imaging devices and I have the dell webcam driver installed. I attempted to update it, but Windows said that I had the latest version.

    What else should I try installing?

  • The Dell Webcam Manager which is a suite containing among other things the Webcam Center. On newer models it is somewhat streamlined and named Webcam Central, but on your I think it was still Webcam Center. As I said earlier I don't know of a 7 version other than the one you tried.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Darn, I'm already using Webcam Central :(

  • Hi Dear all,

    1. I have dell studio 1535 core2duo. I install the Windows 7 but I didn't find Audio Driver, Can you help me and send me the link to download my Audio Driver for Windows 7...
  • sherry004
    I have dell studio 1535 core2duo. I install the Windows 7 but I didn't find Audio Driver

    You installed 7 on a laptop with HD audio and there is not an audio driver available for 7. In that case you should use the Vista version and install by using Vista compatibility mode.

    Download the IDT R214419 audio driver and extract the files (unzip or unpack to the default location) but cancel the installation process. Go to the folder on the hard drive to which you unpacked the driver files
    c:\Dell\Drivers\R214419. Find the setup.exe file and right click on it. Select the Properties. Find the compatibility tab and select Vista.

    The title of this thread says "integrated microphone does not work!". The IDT audio driver might fix that, but if it doesn't you might have to re-install the webcam software, because if you have the optional "digital array mics" above the screen, those are part of the webcam. Your model also has an "analog" mic in the base that is not part of the webcam. 

    In the tags field of your post, you put "audio device on high definition audio bus". Those words refer to the HDMI audio driver which is a different driver from the regular audio driver. The HDMI audio driver is included with the graphics driver. The HDMI Audio FAQ has more details.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04