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Windows Audio Driver Enhancement

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I own a Dell XPS 15 laptop (Windows 7 64 bit) that has a Realtek ALC665 audio driver installed. All of a sudden, my sound stopped working. After reinstalling the audio driver I figured out that I can get sound if I turn off the window audio driver enhancement (NEVER had a problem before), but this causes a HUGE loss in audio quality.   If I leave it on I can hear system sound notifications as well as sound from websites such as youtube, but programs such as VLC or ITunes will not produce any sound unless it's turned off. I've tried installing several Realtek drivers with the same results. I've also tried rolling back the driver, reinstalling the original driver, installing an updated one, doing a system scan for errors, and  a system restore to several points already.  
I'm looking for answers that DO NOT involve a full system restore.
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  • This is what can be done

    First your audio progam that came with windows 7 is usually the default thats called Conexant CX20671 Smart Audio or it might be called different in your case but what you can do is reinstall windows over windows, now you wont lose any data and this will fix any files that might be corrupt. if you have the original windows seven installation disk that came with your computer while you have your computer on up and running load the cd into your computer and run the installation procedure but first back everything either to a external hard drive that you want to save , then start the installation.Better yet Go to you tube and look for a video by  Britec09 of this called{ Repair Install to fix windows7 without refomatting} and he will explain how this is done step by step , if it is possible download the video and study it like I did as I had the simular problem and what this will do is put back any file that is damaged, but I should mention first run a program call malware bytes and clean out anything it finds and a second program is Superantispyware and again clean out anything it finds first, do a complete system scan of both programs then reinstall windows. Now if you dont have a reinstallation disk of windows 7 you can create one as that info is also on you tube as well of how to do this write to me if you need further help at  <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed as per privacy policy> care of Larry Cavens and I can send further info and tools to you as I have them saved on my computer