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Dell Inspiron N5110 Speakers are not working.


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Dell Inspiron N5110 Speakers are not working.

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i have bought a dell Inspiron n5110 laptop a month ago ,
one of its speaker stopped working five days ago,
at first the sound crashes like a old radio. after that it was  like when you just turn on and off the speakers again and again , the sound comes and then stops. then it stopped working totally!! 
and now the second one too isn't working, its not with the problem with software settings as i have fully checked them. when i connect the headphones the sound is perfect, what should i do??? 

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  • It's too late to return it for a refund so you will have to contact Dell to have it repaired under warranty.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Hey buddy am experiencing the same bug. Its really annoying...please, anyone with an idea to this???!!  

  • Hashmy
    am experiencing the same bug.

    If that means that one of your speakers stopped working then contact Dell to have it repaired under warranty.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • hi Jimco,

    one of my speakers started buzzing's like cracking and buzzing at the same time. I did not connect any external speakers...and also sound is perfect in headphones..The only problem comes when i use main internal speakers....

    can this problem sorted out?? do i need to approach the vendor who sold me the lap??

    need some help...

  • Hello. If this happens continually, run the Dell Diagnostics audio tests and listen for the noise. If you hear it during the tests the it is a hardware failure that you can get repaired under the warranty. If the noise disappears during the tests then it is a software problem -- probably a defective audio driver.

    If the noise is intermittent instead of continuous then it might not be useful to run the tests, because if you do not hear the noise in the tests that result is inconclusive.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Does this also happen if you connect external speakers or headphones?

    Is the sound muffled? or staticy (if that is a word)

    If it is muffled it may help proping up the machine since I read the speakers fire downwards in a review on this site.

    If it is static, it may be a bad internal connection, can you get to the speakers easily for a visual inspection?

  • lfreddecolo
    Does this also happen if you connect external speakers or headphones?

    He said " sound is perfect in headphones".

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • I`m using "sennheiser HD 595".. Sound in head phones is absolutely PERFECT. Problem is with one of the speakers only when music is in high pitch...

    I have checked speakers again after plugging the Lap to charging mode but still the problem persists....its been one month only since i bought this lappy..Can i  go speaker replacement??

    any better ideas are welcome... thanks a lot guys.. :)

  • @ Jim: can u please tell me where can i find this " Dell Diagnostics Audio Test" tool.... I searched for it ..but of no use...

  • Click on the link I put in a couple of posts back for instructions on how to boot into the diagnostics partition. If it is not there then someone has deleted it or Dell did not include it in your model. This has come up once before on a late model Inspiron and someone I contacted at Dell assured me that Dell is still putting the partition on all models but I am not convinced that is so. If the tests aren't there then all you can do is go with the symptoms, which suggest a speaker failure.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • my left speaker (laptop internal) gives no sound any more, I posted my response here as well:

    I went into the diagnostics boot > Preboot System Assessment test, but it did not start the audio test. Where I can get those audio test, how can i setup them ? Can v download something that set those audio test and I get to know if its a hardware issue

  • My 1st question, when does the sound break? Are you on YouTube, using iTunes, maybe installed a custom player? It breaks during all 3 situations?

    To help me diagnose this better please try listening to music using both of these methods…

    #1 – Go on and listen to any song/station for a minute or 2

    #2 – Download and Install the “Zip package” of the VLC Media Player. The Zip package doesn’t really install anything on your laptop so it is extremely easy to cleaner delete when you are done using it.

    Open the VLC music player. Play any song you have on your Dell, preferably something you already downloaded.

    #3 – I need feedback. Does the exact thing happen on AND while listening to music using the VLC Media Player? Or maybe it only happens

  • hi i'm sorry for my english i'm from mauritius.i have a dell inpiron n5110 with window 7 Os and sound don't come from my speaker ,ITD codec status :working .speaker/headphone muted button on.when i insert a headphone i can hear only the notification's sound .humm when i test headphone it works but when i test speaker it tells me "failed to play tone " help plzz