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Stuttering/Buzzing Sound During Audio/Video Playback

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Recently I've been having some problems playing back any sort of media.  At regular intervals the audio will freeze/skip for a second and make a loud grinding noise, then resume.  This happens with music, streaming videos, games, pretty much everything.  If I'm watching a video or playing a game, the screen will freeze for a second, then resume.

I'm using an Inspiron 1545 with Windows 7 64-bit, SP1.

I've tried everything I could think of, updating all my drivers, reinstalling codecs, running anit-virus, and cleaning out my system.  I've found that sometimes the lag corresponds to spikes in my DPC latency, but sometimes they don't, and I can't find out what's causing the spikes.  I've tried most of the solutions here: ,but nothing seems to have helped, and I'm getting a bit desperate. 

Any ideas?

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  • Not me--I gave up on it.  I'm just hoping one day some update will fix it.

  • Yea...Im not getting any issue now

    Debug ur hdd

    Reinstall Os

    update drivers from not

    keep windows firewall on

    disable mcafree firewall

    scan all ur external sources if any viruses are present

    this worked for me

    as of now past 20 days no stuttering and no distortion while movies or gaming :D

    hope this helps

  • Same problem with Notebook / Laptop DELL Inspiron 17R N7110 Core i7 2670QM 2.2GHz 8GB (4GB + 4GB gift) GeForce GT 525M 750GB 2GB Windows 7 Pro x 64 BlackThis is the sound?:     I have solved the driver:*&DownloadType=%0ADrivers%0A
    It is OK thank you!

  • That's the noise.  I am getting ready to reinstall using my disc that I created when I got my computer because it wasn't doing it when I first got it.  My fiance just did that with his Gateway and it stopped doing it.  My Dell8300 is doing it constantly--every time I listen to something or watch anything, it does the stutter.  It's really really annoying.


  • This forum solved my problem as well so big thanks. Just one thing when I went to the download center for the driver I said that the one I had was newer than the one installed. I installed it anyway and it fixed the problem, but this confused me a little as I expected to get the latest driver. I download it today (2nd March 2012).

    Any thoughts?


  • I have a brand new Latitude E6410 which had this issue. I went to the Intel download center, looking for the update mentioned by mao.tsetung. I used the Intel application which scanned for all the updates they recommended and installed all of them. After a reboot, the problem was solved. Just in case, I caught up on all the Windows updates and all day today I was glitch-free!

  • Have the exact issue with same computer!

  • Try what I mentioned in my previous post. It helped for a few weeks, but the glitch seems to reappear sporadically. Rebooting helps stop it.

  • hank you Mao and everyone else who identified the problem as that wretched Intel Storage problem. I just spent a hundred bucks to replace my CD/DVD drive on my Inspiron 1545 Win7 64 bit machine, and was about ready to throw the thing across the room. Since yesterday morning I've spent about 20 hours googling the squawking/skipping problem when I finally found this thread. I tried restoring from my 3/16 restore point, which didn't fix the problem, so I uninstalled the Intel folder completely and downloaded a clean version of the 10.06 as suggested. SUCCESS! I'm still out the $$ for my new CD drive, but WTH. I'm also going to disable the service from msconfig as suggested. Idea

  • I replied to this thread previously, with complete instructions on how to fix this problem, but it was deleted because of abbreviations for language that might possibly be considered offensive to somebody?  So I have deleted all terms which could be offensive and replaced that language- but indicated where it would be appropriate to use such language if one chose to do so. I hope that the VAST amount of time I have put into addressing this, and to document it here is helpful to some of you...  If these steps do not address your problems, contact dell directly asap for possible replacement of components or return...  Best of luck to you.

    To all who have followed this thread, I experienced similar loud audio BUZZ, "CRACKING", stuttering, "jitter" , noise and distortion on my brand new XPS L502X, which was worse on streaming audio with video- and there was distortion and skipping of the video playback as well. The audio noise was present for all audio devices (dvd, cd, windows media, youtube online anything.) An additional irritant was that my trackpad behaved very erratically- and as you moved your finger across the pad to track the cursor across the screen, it would disappear and re-appear (as if blinking out) while moving across the screen. Sometimes the cursor would "show up" in some stupid random place. Sometimes the (insert offensive language here) wouldn't move at all. Performance was lousy too- windows closed too slowly, and some operations would hang. I cannot tell you how extremely disappointed I have been with this "extreme performance system" (Read Extremely POOR performance...) I have spent several days researching this and several other sites, and I thank everyone who has offered suggestions and direction (all users by the way- NO direction from ANY manufacturers...?) So, I hope to help out here. Put the laptop down. Take some deep breaths- and get another computer to download files to a thumb drive for transfer. Maybe grab some thing to write with and on....

    So, seems these ridiculous problems are likely to result from some windows 7 and device driver problems, causing gobs of latency spikes and glitchy performance (irresponsible manufacturers have been severely negligent to address.) In my case, I am sure it resulted from a number of compounded "glitches," but one change helped my situation more than any of the others listed in this thread. More on that later because it seems all of these things contributed to this week long, massive (insert offensive language here) . And No, uninstalling various hardware and restarting the laptop will NOT fix the problem. Sorry.

    First- know that my attempt at a "clean install" of Win7 after pulling the laptop out of the box was completely hopeless. For whatever reason, I could not install Win7 over the dell- partially installed OS package with my $49 Win7 DVDs. This has never happened with other manufacturer's machines. And after getting thru the initial dell-loaded package, the second, supposedly clean "install" was "unsuccessful" anyway and turned the laptop into a non-functioning brick. I had to use dell's restore function to get it back. It was immediately after I finally got the machine up and "running" with the dell pre-loaded OS when I began having audio and trackpad probs... This was a mess from the get go, but at least it worked initially- sorta, if you like loud distortion BUZZING every few seconds, erratic cursor movement and etc. That will be addressed later. I think I would skip the "clean install" if I had to do it all over again. It was a 2+ day ordeal and a clean install just doesn't seem possible with this machine and the supplied discs.

    Next, having had horrendously bad experiences with McAfee on other machines, I uninstalled McAfee. NOTE YOU CANNOT ACCOMPLISH THIS BY JUST USING THE UNINSTALL FUNCTION IN CONTROL PANEL. You have to download MCPR.exe before uninstalling- and depending on your version of McA, you may have to download an older version of MCPR.exe. The most recent version (I think) is If you are one of the poor souls using the enterprise or some other version than the "home" (insert offensive language here) McA, you will have to contact McA to help you because I have read that MCPR doesn't work on those. Now that you have downloaded mcpr.exe- uninstall McA in Control Panel. Then restart. Then run mcpr.exe, then restart again. Then use advanced system care, ccleaner, or some other similar utility to wipe any other remnants of McA from the machine, including registry keys. Restart again. Then shop around for another security software system on the other pc and save the install program to a thumb drive- to insert and install into the dell. Some people like Norton- I don't. Microsoft has a good security suite, and there is AVG, avast, kaspersky and lots of others. Next, start the dell and install the new anti-virus software from the jump drive, then go into control panel and make sure windows firewall is up and running.

    Next, if you have the i7 chip-you can turn on all of the cores. Go to msconfig and click boot and advanced options and check the number of processors. If it is set to 4, uncheck the box, apply changes and exit msconfig. Then restart the laptop, go back into msconfig and boot, and advanced options and select 8. I don't know if this helped fix the problem, but at least it was changed and set correctly.

    Next, right click on your desktop and create a new folder, call it drivers or something to put them in. Next, if you have installed the antivirus, look at the bottom of your laptop and get the service tag number and write it down. Be careful- the 0 looks like an O. Go to the site- then click on Laptops, Support, Find BIOS updates and other garbage. It may ask you for your service tag number- enter it and it will give you just what is known for your laptop. Get the BIOS update (my XPS even came with a little note telling me to update the BIOS- so there you go.) For my XPS the updated version was L502AX10. Download whatever suits your machine and OS- and save it in the drivers folder. Next get the most recent driver for your touch/trackpad- for the XPS it was R293038.exe otherwise known as, A00. Some have indicated corrupted files are listed here on the dell site- so I avoided all other drivers for now.

    Then (if u want to scan your system for latency) go get a copy of dpclat at I ran that and like previous posters (thanks to all of them) I saw that nearly all of the buzzes and other stupid problems were associated with huge latency spikes... So, next, use the dell to go online to When it asks what to help you find- type "drivers" in the search box and hit return. (I tried "meaningful overnight relationship" just to see what the result was, but apparently that only provides options for (insert "students from a random country") Hmm...Time to move. LOL.) Anyway, next click on "download center" and then "run driver update utility." This gave me the three driver updates for my XPS 15 system that I have read elsewhere have bailed alienware and other dell users out. You might just have to enter your model number , etc. but the KEY driver updates for the xps L502X were the: Rapid Store Technology Driver, the Intel HD graphics driver (WHICH IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT THE (INSERT OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE HERE) NVIDIA NIGHTMARE DRIVER), and lastly, the Intel wireless driver.

    First, download the rapid store technology driver (for my xps it was and put it in the new driver folder. I read that some people could roll their driver "back" to an older version which helped them, goody for them, no such option was available in my XPS Win7 SP1 system. Then download the wireless driver 14.3.1_s64 and put it in the driver folder. Last, but honestly not least, the Intel graphics driver also known as Win7_64_15265. So, next. I closed everything and shut off the antivirus and started installing drivers.

    Note that you have to manually install ALL OF these drivers- doing a "search for some better updated driver" thing in Hardware Manager will only get a message telling you that" there is no better driver for the system, so Hahahaha- take that!" Or some similar message. All of these are exe files though, so it is just a matter of double clicking them and accepting the term of use that you won't use the software to overthrow the universe or distribute (insert widely distributed visual material of questionable moral value) in red states or whatever.

    So, anyway I installed the BIOS update first, and did a restart. After a full boot, I installed the rapid store technology driver (iata-enu- which just means it's updated and in English, followed by a restart. (As an aside there are ALOT of posts that THIS is one of the primary culptrits of our audio and performance problems- thanks alot Intel! ) Next I went into start, msconfig, then went into services and unchecked the thing. I don't know how the rapid store technology is supposed to improve my performance but if it is contributing to this nightmare, I want it stopped. I also went into startup and turned off other junk like webcam and tablet (insert offensive language here).

    Then I installed the new synaptics driver- and again did a restart. Next I installed the new wireless controller driver- (which has caused ALOT of headaches for people streaming audio/video) 14.3.1_s64) and again did a restart to make sure it worked- and it did. Lastly, I installed the Intel HD video driver instead of the oem installed Nvidia driver- (after reading a BUNCH of posts about this (insert offensive language here) software, I don't know how they have gotten away with not being sued AGAIN over their faulty software.) And- again did a restart. Then I ran advanced system care, spybot, and did a virus-scan and then went online to check for buzzing and other (insert offensive language here).  (I went straight to youtube and did a search for Elvis Costello's "1978 video for "Pump it Up," then ZZ Top doing "La Grange" and "Jesus just left Chicago" from double down live 1980- which were absolutely unbearable to watch before due to loud buzz, jitter, and jerky video. Each played absolutely flawlessly.... After these changes- for the first time in a week the laptop was not only functional but provided good video and audio with NO LATENCY SPIKES over 8000us, no buzzing, popping or glitchy audio or video. And the only spikes were when opening or closing my browser. I am knocking wood that these changes have changed this laptop into what it is supposed to be.

    I don't know that I'm experiencing EXTREME PERFORMANCE with a 100mhz bus speed- but so far (and now that I've figured out to turn on the backlit keyboard by hitting Fn and F6)- I'm happier, and more likely to keep it. I hope this helps some of you. If it does- give me (and all the other users who contributed) a toast with your next "adult" beverage of your choice. I know I could use the "positive" energy.... Cheers- J

  • i've dell xps l502x ana had same problem ,u've to uninstall mcafee this solulution work with me

  • I'm having the same problem!  Has anyone come up with a fix yet?



  • If you have MCAfee security remove it, that worked for me. Dell told me to do that, due to problems with MCAfee,I got a free mouse cost £30.00p. But then i had to buy Norton, works great. Asked why do you supply MCAfee if this problem is so.Told me there looking into it????

  • for best answer u don't have to remove mcafee u should do this steps

    1-open mcafee

    2-features,web and Email protection

    3-click on firewall

    4-click net guard (down the page)

    5-turn off

    6-forget this problem