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IDT High Definition Audio Codec Control Panel not function


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IDT High Definition Audio Codec Control Panel not function

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Dell Latitude E5520

Intel Core I5-2410M CPU

Ram: 8 GB

System type: 64-bit

OS: windows 7 Pro. SP 1

Sound and video drivers:

Bluetooth hands free audio - vertion

Intel Display Audio - Vertion

IDT High Definition Audio Codec - vertion

When uninstalling the IDT driver, The Microsoft Audio driver, ver 6.1.7601.17511, take its place.


The IDT control panel is empty. no bottons/sliders to adjust tha system.

The "ADVENCE" botton dosn't open anything. (see attached screenshoot)

I uninstalled and reinstalled the newest driver from Dell site, 3 times. NOTHING.

I contac IDT and got this reply:

We suggest
completely uninstalling the audio driver via Add/Remove Programs and Features
in Windows control panel. Then (clean) install the latest audio driver,
"System Software" and BIOS available on your computer maker's web
site. Download the most current driver specifically listed by the computer
maker as supporting the *exact* model number and *exact* OS version of the
system loading the driver. If either the computer model number or the OS
version listed as supported do NOT match the system being used, then the driver
almost certainly will not work properly. Note that certain OS versions may not
be supported by your computer maker (for example, Windows XP is not a supported
operating system on many new computers).

If issues persist after this, please contact Dell's technical support group for
further assistance.

IDT is not allowed to provide drivers to users/consumers per the request of the
computer manufactures, who desire consumers to contact them. Please contact the
maker of your PC, notebook or motherboard for a driver or driver update. Here
is a link with several computer maker support links:

If you are not able to work the audio controls or achieve the desired setup,
contact your computer maker as the feature you desire may not be available or
your setup may not be compatible with the actual hardware. Grayed out items are
not supported because either the computer hardware does not support it or the
computer maker chose not to enable it. IDT is not able to modify drivers for
consumers, only for the computer maker.

If looking for a different operating system driver (like an upgrade to Win7),
please see your computer maker’s website for support. If they are not offering
that operating system driver, it is likely that the computer maker is not
supporting it on your model, and thus IDT cannot provide it. Please note that
changing the operating system may violate your warrantee from the computer

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  • Does the audio work okay? I mean can you hear sounds when you play an audio file?

    When you have the IDT driver installed, can you see the regular Sounds control panel? Looks something like the top part of this, where it says "IDT High Definition Audio Codec":

    IDT High Definition Audio Codec - vertion

    Could that be the wrong driver? I went to the E5520 downloads page (Windows 7 64 bit), where the version of the IDT driver is 1.16.0, A03 (R297613). Have you tried that one?

    I did a search for but got "no matches" here on the Dell site. When I googled it the number matched an old Sigmatel audio driver.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04