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Rec. Playback Currently Unavailable


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Rec. Playback Currently Unavailable

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ok, im looking into using soundboards over vent  / dolby axon / teamspeak ect. i had it working about a month ago, i would set my default recording device to rec.playback under "recording devices"  and it would work perfectly. but lately is has been on Rec. Playback Currently Unavailable and ive tried everything to get it working. its set as default device. please help i have done all the research i can on this subject and have come up blank. Crying

Edit: computer specs n such
Alienware m15x
windows 64 bit home premium
IDT High Definition Audio Codec?

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  • I have seen a couple of posts like yours recently. The only thing I have in my notes is a tip from forum member The Hulk who wrote:

    "If you are using Vista, make sure that when you are in the "Recording" tab, you are showing "disabled" devices. Under the list of microphones, etc, right click a blank space and select "Show Disconnected Devices". Then a source called "Rec. Playback" should come up. This IS stereo mix. Right click, enable it and then you can select it as your default device and use it from other applications, etc.

    If you right click the Rec. Playback and set it as the default device (for recording), it should automatically start working and enable itself. Then you can use it in any of your other programs. The main reason it says "Currently Unavailable" is the fact that it can't monitor the mic inputs AND the stereo mix at the same time. You'll notice that when you set the Rec. Playback as the default device, a volume meter comes up next to it from which it is monitored from, and then one of the mics will then say "Currently Unavailable". It's just a vista thing."


    Because it used to work you should be able to get it back by returning the computer to the original factory configuration.

    You might be interested in posting on the Alienware Club board too.

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