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No sound in my M1330 after upgrading to Windows 7


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No sound in my M1330 after upgrading to Windows 7

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I have an XPS M1330 which i recently upgraded to Windows 7 and it works great. Except i have no sound. The speaker icon indicates speakers are working. Sound in Control Panel indicates speakers are enabled. When i press Test, the green bar moves, but there is no sound coming out of the speakers. When i plug in a headphone, i do hear sound. Any idea of what could be causing this issue?



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  • If you are using the audio driver built into 7 then I suggest that you install the Sigmatel audio driver which might activate your speakers. There is no 7 version so you have to use the Vista version which is Sigmatel 171786.

    Download the driver package. Extract the files (unzip or unpack) but cancel the installation process. Go to the hard drive to
    c:\Dell\Drivers\R171786 (This is the folder that is created when you unpack the download. It contains the driver files.)
    Right click on setup.exe and select Properties. Find the compatibility tab to select Vista.

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  • You could try what jimco says, however after many many tries what worked for me was the following:

    I'm running win7ult 64 bits and the one driver that worked for me was the dell driver pack R226903 - if you have already tried with other drivers, I suggest you do a clean win7 install (painful but needed, it only worked for me after a clean install), run windows update, let it update everything (regardless there's no sound through the speakers) and after all is finished, run the driver pack WITHOUT UNINSTALLING any other driver or tampering with the intel existing drivers or running a driver lookup software (if you do you'll mess up your audio through hdmi). After all this, it should work.

    r226903 hxxp://

  • As you are able to get the sound from headphone, there seems to be no issues with audio drivers. It might be due to the settings.

    Click on Start and select Control Panel. Now select sound, double click on it to open properties window. Make sure that Speakers is selected. In playback ensure that speakers is selected, if not select it and click on OK.

    Visit the below link for more information:

  • Worked like a charm. Thanks