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Recently had to reinstall Windows XP due to stop errors (blue screen) complications.  After install, my laptop does not show any audio devices - therefore I have no sound. Please please please help!!




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  • Jill,

    These instructions are for a situation where an operating system has already been reinstalled and everything works except the audio ... usually you get an error message, because the Notebook System Software and chipset drivers were not installed correctly and the audio chip on the motherboard is not recognized. In this situation "usually" a fresh install of the OS is not required, just re-installing the NSS and chipset correctly. If that doesn't work then a full re-installation may be necessary.

    Install in this order, either from the D610 downloads page or from the Utilities/Resource cd that shipped with the laptop:

    a. Dell Notebook System Software (on your downloads page expand the System Utilities category). Download, install and restart.

    b. Next install the Intel Mobile Chipset software (expand the Chipset category). Download, install and restart.

    c. Now install the Sigmatel audio driver -- or re-install it if you had previously installed it (expand the Audio category).


    Sometimes there will still be a problem with the installation at this point (in XP). In that event check in the Device Manager for a "PCI Device" with a yellow question mark next to it. Hit 'update driver' on it and browse to the driver folder on the hard drive  c:\Dell\Drivers\R99254\WDM.


    On the downloads page you will see the terms "optional" and "recommended". These terms are guidelines for when you are updating a driver. They do not apply to a situation where you are installing drivers after a fresh Windows installation so just ignore them for now.. 

    When downloading, if you see a popup screen giving you the option of using the Dell Download Manager or using the browser to download in the normal way, choose the browser.

    If you have the original drivers utility (resource) disc, I would install from that instead of downloading, because then you will will have the same configuration combination that is known to work on your computer (the same configuration that was on the computer when it was new) then after the audio is working you can go online to update the drivers if necessary.

    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04