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Same problem on 3 Vostro 1014 laptops


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Same problem on 3 Vostro 1014 laptops

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If I'm not mistaken, the Vostro 1015 and 1014 are essentially the same system with different screen sizes.  The three recent 1014s I've used have been good laptops in all respects, except for the sound which is too low.  That is, with the volume set to maximum, most sound that comes out of the speaker is at a lower volume than most people would consider normal.  On other systems I use, the volume slider is set between a third and a half maximum level to get what I think of as normal volume.

I have updated or checked the following:

     *  BIOS – It is already at the latest A02 level.

     *  Intel GM45 Express Chipset Driver – It is already at the latest A00 version (

     *  Conexant Audio CX20583-10Z Driver – I tried both older and different Conexant Audio drivers.  None made any difference in the sound volume.
            I left the latest version A04 ( installed.

The volume adjustment has been set to its maximum.  It seemed that selecting ‘Stereo headphones’ instead of ‘Laptop mono speaker,’ made the sound slightly louder.  Per previous posts here, I also tried different settings in the SmartAudio control panel applet and found that using ‘Night Mode’ and selecting ‘Classical’ music equalization on the Effects tab seemed to help a little bit, but nothing really increases the sound volume to what most people would consider “loud.”

Using headphones seems to help quite a lot, so I’m guessing that there’s a problem with the sound amplifier circuitry or speaker itself.  Having a single speaker on the bottom of the laptop doesn’t help for starters and the speaker or driver circuit may just be weak/cheapo.

As for the suggestion to try the diag's to determine if this is a hardware or software problem, I did that and the 'song' played for the test seems a bit louder than the normal speaker volume, but the fact that headphones seem loud but the speaker doesn't when playing the same sound still makes me think this is a hardware, not software/driver, issue.

I'm guessing Dell will never fix this problem.  A different laptop or a set of cheap headphones or external speakers is likely the quickest fix.  Sad since this is otherwise a very good system.

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  • i have dell vostro 1014.i had the same problem .according to me the problem is with conexant drivers.....

    just uninstall and delete the driver from device manager  and restart your pc..

    after this microsoft HD audio controller will install automatically which really boosts up the volume..