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IDT Sound codec crashes Flash content in IE8/Firefox on 64bit Windows 7


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IDT Sound codec crashes Flash content in IE8/Firefox on 64bit Windows 7

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I've just been troubleshooting a problem with a Dell Studio 1557.

Launch Internet Explorer or Firefox and use any flash content (going to youtube & playing any video was a good test). Very early on, the browser would stop responding and the process would eventually have to be killed. An hour of trying different internet content & different browsers etc narrowed it down to Adobe Flash with any browser (IE, Firefox & Safari all would crash).

However, after digging around, it was suggested there are problems with the IDT sound CODEC that this Dell laptop uses.

1. Load flash content in the browser

2. Browser stops responding and would require killing.

The following seems to confirm the issue

1. Disable the IDT sound playback codec

2. Retry flash content

3. Content plays without lockup.

I've tried 32 bit browsers and 64 bit, all with the same results. I've tried beta versions of the Flashplayer components but again no change, so reverted to version 10.0. Also, as this is a system <2 weeks old, I have performed a restore back to a factory system. Again, the problem occurs once updates have been applied.


So, at this stage, it looks like the IDT sound drivers and/or the Adobe Flashplayer has issues that are awaiting a software/driver update to resolve these crashes.

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  • I have a new studio xps running windows 7 and the same thing has been happening since I opened the box.  Re-installing the flash player helps until flash content is loaded.  I have tried 32 and 64 bit browsers, chrome, IE, firefox.  All have the same problem.

    After finding this post I disabled the IDT audio codec and presto! no more flash player problems.  

    Can I install some other audio codec so I can at least have some sound?  I seriously doubt Dell or Adobe will bother fixing this so I am going to have to make the fix myself.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem on my Dell Studio XPS 1645.  I havent tried disabling the IDT driver yet, but it seems a reboot fixes the issue temporarily.  I've noticed it typically crashes if I let the laptop go into sleep mode, wake it up, and then try to watch some flash vids.  Its very frustrating, and I dont want to have to shut down my laptop every time I'm done using it.

  • Hi there folks, hopefully I can help you. Unfortunately Dell are rather useless at anything software, but at least they gave it a go bless them. Like yourselves I've been experiencing the same issues on my 65 bit Windows 7 system, and being a DJ it was completely essential I got this working before I transferred onto my new laptop, the one in question. This is what I did, so I suggest you follow the steps below. Please bear in mind some parts of my laptop are bespoke made for the Adamo so may be different to yours, but trust Dell to create a luxury laptop and make appauling sotware pre-loaded alongside to slow it down further!! :)


    1. Start Menu -> Run* -> Type 'msnconfig' -> OK -> Startup -> Uncheck 'IDC PC Audio' ->Apply -> OK -> Reboot PC

    2. Sound Settings** -> Highlight 'Speakers/Headphones' -> Properties -> Enhancements -> Check 'Disable All Enhancements' -> Apply -> OK

    3. Highlight 'Independent (R.T.C.) Headphones' -> Properties -> Enhancements -> Check 'Disable All Enhancements' -> Apply -> OK -> OK


    *If this isn't in your Start Menu right click on the bottom task bar -> Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize*** -> Check 'Run Command' -> Apply -> OK

    **Known as Audio Setting on my laptop

    ***American spelling I know, but I suppose if American giant Microsoft insist...


    Hope this helps fellas, and those coming across this thread :) 


    Take Care,


    Dell Adamo 13 | Windows 7 Home Premium x64 | Intel Core Duo 2 L9600 @ 2.13 GHz | 4GB DDR3 800 MHz RAM | 256GB Solid State HDD | Mobile 3G Broadband

  • I fixed this problem by rebooting the computer then select Contol Panel/Sound/ select speakers-headphones

    Then select Properties  and click on the Enhancements tab

    Check disable all enhancements

    Works like a charm , I now can use all multimedia, any browser, game etc without any lockup or freeze....

  • Thanks a bunch, Nathan. The disable of the IDT enhancement does seem to fix my problem. It's guys like you who really helped me, not DELL. I spent 4 hours on this after I got my brand new Dell Studio XPS 16 yesterday. I called Dell three times and was informed they had to charge me $129 to fix my brand new computer. Their reason was I only have hardware warranty coverage. But who installed all the software? It's DELL!!!! And the software don't work with each other out of the box. Oh, well, whom should I blame if I keep buying Dell!

    Anyway, thanks again, Nathan.

  • This issue really is unacceptable.  Thankfully the community provided a fix, but its these type of issues that led me to promptly sell my Dell Studio XPS and get a MacBook Pro.  Everything just works right out of the box.  No fishing for updated drivers, just click update and it downloads any and all software/driver/bios updates.

  • I completely agree.  I hesitated to buy Dell because I had heard of their poor customer service.  When trying to configure and buy online they blocked it so I had to go to a rep who tried to sell me things I did not want

    I told her right out I doubted the service aspect but she assured me things were different....NOT!

    I couldn't find any other manufacturer to configure a laptop the way I wanted it.  I was a Gateway devotee for years, despite what others said their service was top notch and rarely needed

    Obviously this is a driver/win 7 problem but neither Dell or Microsoft will admit that and leave us to search for our own answers.



  • So would you say this is the driver problem for the IDT audio device? It kind of bothers me since we can't enable the audio enhancement feature. Maybe IDT should make their driver keep up with W7 (64bit?) and flash player (10.0). But at least Dell should be aware of these issues when they installed the software. How can guys like me figure that out? I'm sure we're not the only ones. I just got lucky to stumble upon  this thread and solved my issue, but not after 4+ hours of searching and talking to Dell in vain...

  • Well, after months of issue, I did a Repair install of Windows 7 and then reinstalled the IDT driver; now Flash and IDT play well together. :)