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SigmaTel audio drivers for Windows 7

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Why hasn't Dell gotten new audio drivers from IDT (the new owners of SigmaTel) and posted them on the Dell download site?  IDT requires that new drivers are only available through the retailer.  How long do we have to wait before the microphone and speakers will behave properly in Windows 7?  Is it too much to ask that a computer that is 6 month old can be updated to the latest operating system with workable drivers?

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  • So you can never buy any future software or hardware.

  • I have a Dell Latitude D420 which is over 2.5 years old. I run it well with windows 7 by putting in 2.5 gb of ram.
    I have had great trouble with the audio driver for sigmatel ever since moving on to windows 7 (32 bit)

    This driver has enabled the line-in/mic selection pop-up, when the headset pin is inserted in the mic 3.5mm socket (normal behaviour)
    I can now manually override the system mic (which picks up the incredible fan noise from the system) and use the headset for skype and gtalk with exceptional clarity at both ends.

    SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio

    file name R147073.exe

    laptop models compatible
    Inspiron 1501
    Inspiron 640m / E1405
    Inspiron 9400/E1705
    Inspiron B120
    Inspiron 1300/B130
    Inspiron 6400/E1505
    Latitude D420
    Latitude 120L
    Latitude 131L
    Latitude ATG D620
    Latitude D520
    Latitude D620
    Latitude D820
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M65
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M90
    XPS M1210
    XPS/Inspiron M140/630m
    XPS M1710
    XPS M2010

    This driver was not available when I searched for drivers on the dell website by putting in the service tag or model number.

    Hope this is useful to some.

  • Possible Update to driver

    SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio

    Release Date: 10/24/2008
    Version:, A09
    Download Type: Driver 
    File Format: Hard Drive
    File Size: 7 MB

    File Name


    Compatible Operating systems

    Inspiron 1501
    Inspiron 640m / E1405
    Inspiron 9400/E1705
    Inspiron B120
    Inspiron 1300/B130
    Inspiron 6400/E1505
    Latitude D530
    Latitude D531
    Latitude D631
    Latitude D420
    Latitude D430
    Latitude 120L
    Latitude 131L
    Latitude ATG D620
    Latitude ATG D630
    Latitude D520
    Latitude D620
    Latitude D630
    Latitude D820
    Latitude D830
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M65
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M90
    Latitude D630c
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2300
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6300
    Vostro Notebook 1000
    Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4300
    XPS M1210
    XPS/Inspiron M140/630m
    XPS M1710
    PS : I havent tried this one, as the previous driver posted works fine for me. This one has a more recent release date. Worth a shot.



  • I tried this one on my recently "windows 7'ed" M1730. It all works except for Skype. When Skype goes into call, the sound card fails, epically.

    Current workaround is a logitech USB headset. Not Cool. Update these drivers ASAP please DELL.


  • The current workaround for the skype issue is to go into the properties of the speakers, and go to the enhancements tab and check off "disable enhancements." I have this same issue on my Studio 1555.

  • The work-around kindly offered by evets90 does not work... at least not on my XPS 1330. 

    Hopeful, I tried checking the check box for "disable enhancements", then tried a test call with Skype.  When plugging in a headset into the the front jacks, then trying the Skype test call, Skype almost immediately terminates the call and displays a message, "There's a problem with the microphone inside your computer.  Try plugging in a USB headset for this call."

    Hopefully evets90's workaround will work for some of you out there...  but it did not work for me.

    Back to the drawing board.  Tongue Tied

  • Ok, I found a fix for the:

    M1730 Windows 7 upgrade , sigmatel driver mic not working under skype.

    The mic worked for every application except Skype. The driver i tried using unsuccessfully was R171786.exe which was the vista 32 bit driver for the M1730.

    I was searching various forums and found a link to R147073.exe from

    I can now use the mic array and the speakers with no problem.


    It apparently is older, but at least it works. Shows the version under device manager.

  • XPS M1330 laptop now works fine with Win7 and Skype headset...  This solution worked for me...

    Like many of you, the Sigmatel driver would not work when I plugged in a headset to use with Skype...   After installing the driver below, everything seems to be working fine, including using a headset with Skype.

    To review, Dell has refused to issue new drivers for those of us who migrated from Vista to Win7.  It didn't help that the company (Sigmatel) providing their audio card was purchased by IDT.  As others have discovered, IDT refuses to provide drivers to end-users...  That puts us all between a rock and a hard place.

    I noticed that the driver for my Visa system was VERY close in number to what Dell is currently using for their latest version of this laptop.  They now call the laptop an XPS M1340, while mine is an XPS M1330... very close!

    So when I started looking at the drivers for these two systems, I noticed the version numbers were almost identical...  Only the ending digits were different when I compared them...

           Old Driver                      New IDT Driver
    SIGMATEL STAC 92XX         IDT 92HD73C1, A03  , A15

    Models listed as compatible with New IDT Driver:
    Studio Laptop 1555
    Studio Laptop 1557
    Studio Laptop 1558
    Studio Laptop 1737
    Studio XPS Laptop 1340  <---- Very close to my XPS M1330
    Studio XPS Laptop 1640
    Studio XPS Laptop 1645
    Studio XPS Laptop 1647

    Here is how I installed the new driver.
    1.  Went to Dell site and downloaded a backup copy of SIGMATEL STAC 92XX (version, A03) just to have as a backup in case something went wrong.

    2. I downloaded the above IDT 92HD73C1 (version, A15) driver from Dells website:

    3.  Did a full System Image backup of my M1330... again ... just in case something went wrong.

    4. I ran that .exe file that was downloaded in step 2 above.  It unzipped all the files into C:\DELL\drivers\R226903 ...  But when the installed tried to install the new driver, it said I had to uninstall the old driver (and probably the Sigmatel program too).

    5.  Went to the device manager and removed the old driver.  I also went to "Programs and Features" and removed what was left of the Sigma Tel Audio program...  That also took away the Sigmatel icon from the control panel (kind of scary at the time.)

    6.  I rebooted my M1330 so that the default Win7 audio driver would replace the SigmaTel driver.

    7. I again used the device manager to look at the audio controller (Under "Sound, Video, and game controllers")

    8. I right-clicked on the Sound controller, and chose "Update Driver Software".

    9.  When given a choice, I selected "Browse my computer for driver software"....  Then pointed to the C:\DELL\drivers\R226903 directory that the .exe file from Dell created.  ...  Then I clicked the "Next" button.

    Windows 7 then spun away and installed the new audio drivers...  INCLUDING the new user interface from IDT.  It put an icon into my control panel called "IDT Audio Control Panel".

    Now my audio seems to be working fine...   That includes using a headset to make Skype calls!

    I just did all of this earlier this evening, so I can't be 100 percent sure I won't run into problems down the road (like blue screening)...  But everything looks good so far.

    Again...  This worked for my Dell XPS M1330 that came with Vista Ultimate...  The driver is what is now being used by Dell for the M1340 model...  Apparently the sound card they are now using (from IDT) is very very close to the Sigmatel card (IDT bought Sigmatel).

    Hopefully this will work for others in this group.

    For those of you who do not have an XPX M1330, take a look at the compatibility chart above for the new driver...  If your model seems to be just one generation previous to a listed model, this driver might work.

    One last thing...  As a work around, I ordered a USB Stereo Sound Adapter from Amazon which allowed me to use my headset by plugging it into this USB adapter.  Skype was smart enough to immediately see the USB Adapter and let me select it from the dropdown list under "Audio Settings".

    The thing does work, but I noticed a faint bit of clicking and choppiness to my voice when I recorded something onto my computer.  People I called on Skype, however, told me it sounded fine.  But that USB adapter thing does not fix the problem...  It's just a work around.  It is FAR better if you can solve the driver issue like I did here.

    So good luck to all of you...  I hope some of you (especially you XPS M1330 owners) can benefit from this driver information.

  • Hello, this same problem exists when upgrading from XP to Vista. Dell already has posted a solution to this, with a suitable update here:

  • Richie,

    The solution you offered only works for those computers which are getting no sound at all after upgrading to Win7.  And I suspect it is only a "partial solution".  The main problem for many people in this thread is that although their sound system is working fine in general,  the SigmaTel STAC 92xx C-Major HD A02 does not work for Skype when using a headset.  No  I suspect even for those people who currently have no sound at all will still not be able to use Skype (using a headset) after following your suggestion of installing STAC 92xx C-Major HD A02.

    As stated above, the only solution I have found to the Skype problem is to install the IDT 92HD73C1 (version, A15) driver from Dell's website:

    This is the driver that IDT has issued for this sound card after IDT purchased the SigmaTel company.  Apparently the sound card itself is virtually identical to what it was under SigmaTel ownership.

    I installed this IDT driver on my XPS M1330 and it works like a charm, including with Skype (even when using a headset)...  Plus the IDT user interface is definitely an improvement over the old SigmaTel interface. Yes

    Why doesn't Dell support simply tell customers to replace their old SigmaTel STAC 92xx C-Major HD A02 driver with the "new and improved" IDT 92HD73C1 (version, A15) driver?

           RJ  Paradise


  • I upgraded my Inspiron 1420 to windows 7 and I too have tried downloading all drivers possible to get audio back on built in speakers. I have audio only on headphone jacks both ports but none on built in speakers. Why isn't there an easy fix for this?

  • Th.R.

    I can only agree!

    I have a Precision M6300 laptop and find it in general pretty poor that there are no Windows 7 drivers for it. The Precision M6300 is not that old and as professional model it should get longer supported with drivers. Especially with drivers for  Windows 7 since many who stayed away from Vista are now going from XP to 7. 

    Same to me. Sad And, really, I'll probably switch to a MAC.

  • WDaren

    after a bunch of research, I stumbled upon R171786_32bit.exe. That seems to be working. Not fully tested, but at least the windows opening and sound effects are back.  Now, I dont recall where I got it!!

    Using a Dell Inspiron 1505.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't work with MediaDirect... Sad, shipped with Vostro 1700...

  • Excellent job, euro888, congratulations!!

  • Kuddos to euro888 for this excellent research and complete instructions!  I have been looking for this fix for over three weeks - since loading Windows 7 64-bit on my Inspiron 1525.  Everything was working fine except the on-board mico-phone.  Had to pull out my camera with mic every time I wanted to use Skype.  (I usually just use the onboard mic and speakers - kind of like a hands free conference call.)  Your solution saved the day.  Everything is working great now!

    Those with Inspiron 1525 sound issues - take a look here.

    Thanks again.