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speakers not working, headphones will


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speakers not working, headphones will

  • Inspiron 700m suddenly won't play through the main speakers for any sounds, system or audio from itunes or websites or anything.


    I plugged in the headphones and those still work.    The speakers aren't even crackling they are just dead.  Is there  a way to test to see if they are truly dead or somehow disabled?


    Control panels are unchecked, nothing is muted, all of the setting are how they always have been, but now I can't turn the speaker on.


    running sigma tel audio driver

  • There is a problem with the speaker wires breaking in the 700m/710m. The sound through the speakers stops working but often you can hear some audio through the speakers when the screen is partially closed. The sound should still work okay through the headphone jack. There are a bunch of threads about this. Most people with this problem consider it to be caused by the flawed design of the computer, but Dell does not acknowledge that this is their fault and will usually not correct this unless you are still under warranty.

    One of the victims of the flawed design was Luke Miller who has a web site with great photos showing how to disassemble the computer enough to get to the broken wires.
    luke miller's 700m pics:

    After the speakers and wires are exposed you can either repair the wires or replace the speakers with new ones that have unbroken wires. The problem is that Dell does not sell the speakers w/wires as a separate part (you have to buy the whole lcd display for over $500 to get the speakers) so finding the speakers to buy is difficult. Sometimes they are available on ebay when someone is selling off parts of a junked 700m. For those folks who are no longer under warranty and cannot locate replacement speakers, the solution is to repair the existing wires.



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  • that's funny, not really funny, but that's exactly the problem, I close it and the speakers come back


    thanks for the help .. I'm dumb enough to try to fix it, so we'll see