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My microphone doesnt work... i dont know if its vista, mic jack or other things... help plsss


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My microphone doesnt work... i dont know if its vista, mic jack or other things... help plsss

  • hi! i got a laptop Dell Inspiron MXC061 Windows Vista Home Premium and just recently i figured out that the mic is not working... if i plug a headset the headphone is ok but the mic is not working.. i already tried using the headset to other pc and it works ok so its not the head set that has a problem.. and i already tried check and set the mic on the sound menu - recording - check the microphone/line (Sigmatel High Definition Audio CODEC)--> this is the only one drive that is on the recording menu and it says working.. i already check also the properties - levels are already in maximum... but when i try to configure it and go to the speech recognition it cannot hear me when i try to speak.. i cannot see the green bar moving or the mic level moving while i am speaking... if the mic is working its moving right?... i dont know if it is the vista, mic jack or maybe incompatible things.. or do i need to install another driver?.. is it possible?... i really cant figure it out... can someone help me on this!.. please... thanx in advance...

    processor - Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5300 @1.73GHz 1.73GHz


    32 bit OS

  • Hi Emghie,


                Please tell me if this is the first time configuration of the mic on your system or If Was it working fine previously. If its the first time configuration. Also, Please reconfirm your inspiron system model number as i could not locate model "Dell Inspiron MXC061".



  • hi! shihab.. tnx for the reply.. yea its the first time configuration.. i got my laptop last year but just recently i figured out that the mic is not working bcoz im not using it before... about the system model yea i double check it on the system and it says there model Dell Inspiron MXC061.. but i check on the manual on the top it say Dell Inspiron 640M/E1405... but at the end bottom of the manual theres also small font saying Model PP19L..

  • hi emghie,

                 Your system model is Inspiron E1405, Thank you. Please try to update your audio drivers for vista. The link is given below, download this file on to your system and run it.


  • hi shihab.. its asking me for an activation key when i try to run it.. where will i find the activation key?.. do i need to purchase to be able to have it?.. tnx! 

  • emghie,


    I don't know if re-installing your audio driver as has been suggested will fix your microphone, but I would like to point out that the above link is not the correct link to your audio driver.


    First, here is a link to the 640M/E1405 Vista downloads page that has all of your drivers plus some software applications. This page will always have the latest versions of the drivers that Dell provides for your model.


    Click the + sign next to 'Audio' and you will see 2 items listed. Your audio driver is the 2nd, the Sigmatel 92xxHD driver. The other item is a Creative Labs software application that you might or might not have purchased as an optional add-on when you ordered the computer. That is what shihab.dxb linked you to, but it is not your audio driver.



     I'll paste in here something I wrote about configuring for a mic.


    When you plug in the mic do you see on the screen a popup box asking whether you plugged in a mic or line-in device? If not, go to Start/Control Panel/ Sigmatel (in XP, it might be different in Vista) and check the 'allow popups' box. Then plug in the mic again and test it. I'd test it with a recording program such as Windows Sound Recorder instead of Skype or any voip program. If the mic can record then it is working. Don't expect to hear the mic as you speak into it because monitoring is turned off in the Registry. You can turn it back on in most models; the instructions are in the Audio FAQ, the 1st thread on this board.





    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • hi! jim... first i already tried configuring the mic and theres no pop up box when i plug the mic eventhough the allowed pop up box is already check and its still not working..


    then i tried to download the sigmatel -driver on the link that u have given me and after downloading and restarting it works now... thank u so much for the link and suggestion u have given me.. it really helps... tnx a lot!... (^.^)