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Very low sound from Dell Inspiron-1525


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Very low sound from Dell Inspiron-1525

  • The speaker volume is extremely low and cannot hear properly. I tried to increase the volume from the icon on the right side of the task bar.Also, increased all the sound related things to 100(max), still no change.Head phone is working fine. Tried with an external speaker also, that is also working fine. Seems, no problem with the driver but the speaker is faulty.


    Can anybody tell me how to get it replaced.My laptop is under warranty and bought last month only and this problem is there since beginning.





  • All warranty claims must be handled through Dell tech support.  Do you have an on-site warranty or mail-in warranty?  Contact info:


  • Sharmila,

    If you get this fixed or otherwise resolved to your satisfaction please let us know. We have seen a lot of posts from folks unhappy with the low audio level of the 1525. This thread has some of them:

    1525 low audio



    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Hi,


    Add me to the list. I also have the same problem, and was debating whether to replace it, since it is still under the 30 days policy.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.I was thinking that this problem is only with my laptop. But it seems that this the problem of the model (Inspiron-1525) itself.


    Can you tell me how to contact them for replacement? Because I tried the toll free number for tech support but everytime getting a busy tone.God knows whether the toll free numbers are working or not.I also sent a mail but didnot get any reply till now.





  • I don't know of any contact methods differents from the ones europa303 linked you to. There are 3 methods (Chat, Email, and Phone), so maybe try chat.



    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • I think if you have owned the laptop for more than 30 days, then you have to go through tech support, send it to them for inspection, and then, if they are convinced that it is damaged, it will be replaced with the exact same specs.
  • I also have the same problem with my 1525 -- low volume and tinny sound thro the speakers - headphone sound is fine.


    Dell Support talked me thro trying a fix involving Dolby in the registry, but it made no difference. They then sent a technician to my home to change the built in speakers. Still no difference! But I was amazed how tiny the 2 speakers are - they are oval and about 1 and one half inches long by less than 1 inch wide.


    Now they are going to send another technician to change the sound card (why didn't the first guy also try that?).


    I have searched thro this forum under Audio and found a total of 9 people including myself with this same Inspiron 1525 speaker problem. Here are the other threads:



    If anyone finds a solution to this problem please let us know here.


    If I don't get this sorted soon I shall be demanding a refund. The 1525 is advertised as good for 'entertainment' including music and videos, and as such mine is simply not 'fit for purpose' as far as sound is concerned.


  • silverboyo:

    In reading your post, I don't believe any additional services to your system, are going to resolve this sound issue to your satisfaction.

    In particular with sound, it's very tricky to troubleshoot an issue when so much of what's being reported is subject to the customers perception of what they should be hearing. If that makes sense.

    You may want to initiate a return within your return period and purchase a system that is more suited to your needs.

  • More suited to my needs? 


    Resolve ... to my satisfaction?


    ...customers perception of what they should be hearing?


    What are you insinuating? Are you suggesting that my 'needs', 'satisfaction expectations', and 'customer perception of what I should be hearing', AND those of the other 8 customers (so far) who have complained about their identical 1525 speaker problem in this forum in the space of 1 month (IN ADDITION to those on the Dell website under 1525 'Customer Ratings - Customer Product Reviews'), are other than what anyone would expect from a computer that is advertised on Dell's website as "an exceptional wireless, movie, and multi-media experience"?  


    I'm not even asking for 'exceptional' as promised -- 'acceptable' would be acceptable.


    This computer, including all the optional upgrades, and an optional 3 years' hardware warranty, has cost me a total of £730.78 (UKP). And the sound quality is, not only in my opinion but also as described by my friends who have heard it, "Terrible."


    I asked the technician when he was here 'Would you be happy with this sound quality?' and his reply was 'No, I would not'. Maybe that is not what he has been trained to say, but that is what he said.


    As for MY NEEDS, MY SATISFACTION, and CUSTOMER PERCEPTION, for the avoidance of doubt, let me explain that the speaker sound quality of my girlfriend's new Inspiron 1520, and that of my previous Inspiron 1501 (see below) are/were very good indeed -- so there is nothing unusual or demanding about my NEEDS, SATISFACTION and CUSTOMER PERCEPTION.


    There is however something unusual with the speaker system of my Inspiron 1525.

    As you wish to take issue with, and even, it appears, dispute the validity of my complaint, I will take this opportunity to relate to you the full picture of my recent experiences with Dell, which will perhaps help to put my 'CUSTOMER PERCEPTION' into perspective::



    They started last July, when I received my new Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop:


     From the start I had --
    1) problems with the video in the form of vertical lines across the screen, and
    2) jumpy DVD movies.


    After several Dell Support guided software and download fix attempts on the phone from India (I have no problem with the India based support staff -- they are very polite and conscientious), I was sent a new DVD drive. -- No difference!
    So then they sent round a technician to install a new hard drive. -- No difference!
    So then they collected it to return to the factory for a 'rebuild'. "Don't worry Mr -----, when it is returned it will be like new."

    It was unfortunately, but even worse !! -- Even bigger vertical lines across the screen!

    "OK you have had so much hassle that we are going to take back the 1501, and replace it with a brand new 1525 of the same specification."


    "Thank you for choosing Dell"       "Please complete this Customer Satisfaction Survey"



    So here we are with the brand new 1525...............  And here we go again........


    (All this time my main computer is a 6 year old Dell Dimension which runs beautifully. It's a pity they don't make them properly anymore.)


    Hoping to receive saisfaction in the not too distant future,


    1 (trying to be loyal) Dell customer



  • silverboyo:

    I'm not trying to insinuate anything. I was only pointing out that I didn't think additional services would resolve the problem with the sound as the speakers do not perform to your satisfaction. Replacing more parts will not change that.

    That said, I was unaware of your previous problems with your 1501 system.

    I'm truly sorry that the replacement 1525 is not performing to your expectations either, and encourage you to contact Dell technical support and let them know so that a replacement system can be provided per your warranty and satisfaction.

  • Hi, recently i have purchased Inspiron 1525. all other features are good, but when i heard music, i found volume very low. I talked to sales person, but he told volume is ok, but u all know how low is the volume.

    we cant here if we are seating in some noisy place. really speaking its very very very low volume.

    Pls suggest me if any other way is there to increase the volume level by way installing any software or could resolve the problem through technical support.

    Pls let me know, I am not at all satisfied with the volume level. And if nothing can happen then i have to return back the system.


  • Hi Chris B,


    If I misunderstood you (apologies if I did), then the only other meaning that can be attributed to your comments, is that the very inferior sound volume and tone that now 10 customers including myself and Pinak above have described in this forum, is up to design standards for the 1525.


    I find that hard to believe. Dell must have sold hundreds of 1525's to date, and if they all had the same very poor speaker sound and tone, I'm sure Dell would have had complaints from most if not all 1525 customers, which does not appear to be the case.


    Apart from the speaker problem, I like the 1525, so I am giving them 1 more chance to sort it. Another technician is visiting to change the motherboard (Dell support's idea) in a few days. If that does not work I shall insist on a refund.



  • Hi,

    Nice to hear from you.
    to share with you, I visited yesterday one of the showroom, where i saw XPS model. It sounds good enough in compare to 1525.
    I also spoke to one of the Dell's sales manager. He told there is no difference in sound quality in any of the Dell's model, as technology used is same in all.
    Then how come the sound quality differs.
    After having Audigy software there is no change in sound quality.

    Now I am thinking to change the system, if there is no positive response from dell
  • @Pinak:

    The sound quality differs between the 1525 and XPS models, because the internal speaker hardware, placement and power output is different between the models. This you can see by simply checking the audio speaker specifications in the user manuals on each system.

    For example, the 1525 outputs 1w per channel to 2ohm speakers. The M1530 outputs 2w per channel to 2ohm speakers. The M1730 has 8ohm speakers and output 5w per channel. So the sound between these models are going to be signficantly different when listening to the internal speakers.


    Your situation is unique as you received this system as a replacement for an earlier model. While the 1525 may be performing to specifications, those specifications are different from your previous model and the audio quality between the two noticeable and not acceptable to you. According to the specifications on the 1501, the speakers output 1w into 4ohm speakers.

    I'm not confident the motherboard replacement is going to make any changes to what you are hearing, and if this ends up being the case, I encourage you to contact technical support for resolution.