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Inspiron 1420: audio drivers for Windows XP

  • I purchased an Inspiron 1420 with Ubuntu, but I wanted to also install XP on it. I mananged to get everything working except for the sound card, which I believe is a Sigmatel HD integrated audio card (my order just says "Integrated High Definition Audio"). I found instructions for how to deal with this particular issue, both on this forum and this site: However, nothing works. I've tried two different versions of the driver software, R158235 and R153908, but they constantly say that no compatible hardware was found. I tried following the instructions to first install the Intel mobile chipset drivers, then install the audio drivers, and then run suhlp.exe. I also tried manually installing the drivers via Device Manager, but it said the particular drivers (both versions) were not compatible with my hardware. Any suggestions?
  • There has been a new driver released since those earlier instructions. Maybe this one will work.

    After you have performed an Operating System re-installation, install the audio driver following this order of installation:

    a. [Install Dell Notebook System Software (click the + sign next to System Utilities). Restart.]

    But there is no XP NSS for the 1420 and this could be the cause of the problem. Skip this step for now. If all else fails try installing the XP NSS from the 1520 XP downloads page.

    b. Next install the Intel Mobile Chipset driver (click the + sign next to Chipset). Restart.

    c. Finally install the Sigmatel audio driver R171789 (click the + sign next to Audio).

    1420 XP downloads page

    Rarely there will still be a problem with the installation at this point (in XP). In those cases follow this tip from forum member rpilT2005: check in the Device Manager for a "PCI Device" with a yellow question mark next to it, under the "System Devices" grouping. Hit 'update driver' on that one, and it should find the driver.


    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • I've done a lot of work to set this machine up, so I don't necessarily want to reinstall Windows to fix this issue if I don't have to. I already had the Intel mobile chipset driver installed, so I downloaded the Dell system software for the 1520, installed it, and restarted. After this, I downloaded the most recent version of the Sigmatel software from the link you gave me. It appeared to install OK, but Device Manager still listed it as PCI Device. I restarted, and the audio driver installation ran on its own as soon as I was logged in. This time it said there is no hardware supported by the driver you're installing (or something to this effect). Help?
  • On the models where the NSS matters, it must be installed before the Intel chipset driver. An OS reinstallation is not required. But I think the NSS only matters on the earlier computers that had the Intel AC97 audio codec. I think it doesn't matter on models like yours with the newer HD codec.

    Some posters who used the R158235 driver on a different model of Inspiron wrote "... you have to uninstall an unknown PCI device in Device manager first , then install the driver normally". You might try that.

    You might find this thread interesting:
    How to install Sigmatel XP driver in Inspiron 1525

    SolTec provides a link to Lenovo UAA patches in message 10. They are for "systems running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 configured with High Definition audio or modem".


    Jim Coates -- senior forum member