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Latitude D630 and sound (XP)

  • We just purchased a new round of Latitudes and picked up some D630s. In an attempt to cover some bases, I bought the "Vista" configured laptops to cover Vista licensing for the future in the case that we decide / are forced as a company to move on to Vista (which we aren't for as long as we can manage, but the Vista Business license covers running XP Pro as well, which we use--good way to cover costs in the future).

    Saddly, it seems the Vista D630 comes with some sort of audio card that only works with Vista--typical Microsoft business tactics paying companies to only support Vista and forcing people to move away from XP. Seems my plan backfired on me. Is there any generic driver or something at all out there to make this sound card work in XP? In the past we haven't had any problems buying something with Vista and then running XP, but it seems the D630 "Vista" configuration is a whole new beast.

    Thanks for any input. I'm not looking to see this thread turn into any sort of Vista vs XP discussion. I just want to know if I can make this thing work in XP at all having bought a "Vista" configuration when I put this together. The driver linked from the XP downloads for this model says the sound device isn't supported, which is what leads me to believe the Vista configured system has a totally different sound card with Vista only driver. Hopefully there might be some generic driver out there that works.
  • Having kinda the same problem, ordered a few d630's with XP and the partitioning was all wrong, so I thought no problem, i'll just reformat one, make an image and deploy it. Only it turns out the XP driver that came on the driver disk doesn't work, neither does the one available for download. And support seems dead set on it being a hardware issue and swapping out motherboards..they have a tech coming to swap the motherboard out for the second time today, which will make it a grand total of 3 motherboards, all of which showed the same problem. Obviously a driver issue. So there is obviously a working driver somewhere since the audio worked on the dell install, but its not available to the public for some reason =/

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  • Hold tight--we found an answer, but I'm trying to replicate our steps to get the answer before I post what we did. We do have sound now, though, and everything is working fine. It was a mucked up process to get it working, but it's good now and it's using the drivers available on the website. I'll try to reply back later today with the official steps / answer.
  • Here is the current solution based on a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 to a Latitude D630.

    ===Required Files:
    * XP Sigmatel drivers from the Dell Latitude D630 download site
    * Microsoft KB835221 (
    *** This is one of those silly MS patches that you have to call them for. It does work with SP2.

    ===Files that may not be required, but I highly recommend you get them first.
    * Notebook System Software under System Utilities for the D630 (Windows XP)
    * Mobile Chipset under Chipset for the D630 (Windows XP)

    Here are the steps I took which worked. You may not need to follow them exactly as I did, but it should work for you if you do follow these. I prefer to reboot after various patches, but may not be necessary.

    1. Install the Notebook System Software (I rebooted after this)
    2. Install the Mobile Chipset drivers (I rebooted after this)
    3. Install the MS KB835221 hotfix (I rebooted after this)
    4. Run the executable for the Sigmatel drivers. After it finishes extracting the files and begins to install, cancel (we don't want it to install the sound card). We only need the extracted files.
    5. Open Device Manager and expand System devices near the bottom. You should see a PCI Device entry with a ? next to it. Go to the properties and choose to update the driver. Choose to manually find the drivers and don't let windows look for drivers on the net or automatically. Browse to this directory for the driver:


    It should install some drivers and then prompt you again that it found some new hardware. Again, manually browse to the directory above and it should install another audio piece (I think this time it's actually the Sigmatel). After this installs, it will probably say again that it found new hardware, but this time it's for some modem stuff. Cancel this one. You should use the Conexant modem driver that's available to download under the Communications section for the D630 (Windows XP).

    You should be all set now and have sound. It's a run-around process, but it works just fine. Hopefully an easier process will come around in the near future. In the meantime, this works for XP.

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  • espigle:

    Thanks for following up with the detailed instructions for your fix. I'm sure other board members will benefit from this information as well.

  • espigle,

    My thanks also for sharing your procedure. I am adding it to the collection of solutions provided by forum members. With yours we now have instructions for 9 models that Dell doesn't provide XP Sigmatel drivers for. Yours is the 1st Latitude.

    You wrote
    ===Files that may not be required, but I highly recommend you get them first.
    * Notebook System Software under System Utilities for the D630 (Windows XP)
    * Mobile Chipset under Chipset for the D630 (Windows XP)

    I've never heard of a case where a Sigmatel driver could be installed prior to the Chipset driver, on any of the various models. On some models the NSS is not absolutely required like the Chipset driver is.

    Thanks again.


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  • I'm wondering if the convoluted process described in this thread is still required to install the D630 audio driver when installing Windows XP on a D630.  I see that on Dec. 20 a new Sigmatel driver was released (see).  Did it resolve the problem?


  • ImSorryDave:

    I was experiencing this exact problem

    Yes this solution you posted works.  Sound is working now.