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Volume buttons do not work


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Volume buttons do not work

  • I have a Latitude D800. When I first received the laptop, the volume buttons on the keyboard were properly working. They suddenly stopped to work and I could not understand why.

    I've done almoste everything I could, ncluding:

    - quickset update (1.2.6)

    - Sigmatel Audio board driver update (, A06)

    but no success.

    I've found that if I disable and then enable back the "Sigmatel C-Major Audio" device from the Device Managarr (I have Win2K SP4) the volume buttoms start to work properly. BUT.. when I reboot the pC they do not work any more.


    Any suggestion?



  • sym,

    Thank you for using Dell's Community Forum.

    Try updating the audio drivers and that may remedy the issue.
  • thanks a lot for reply

    I think I already have the latest available driver from Dell web site. Can you confirm the above mentioned version is really the most recent?



  • sym,

    Yes, those are the latest drivers.
    You also should reinstall the system utilities software which is found on the Resource CD.
  • Sorry for delay in answer.. last week I was not in the office and I'm back now.


    I've tried also to re-install the System Software, but no luck.

    The buttons still do not work.

    please note that if I disable and then enable back the audio card, then they start working but as soon as I restart the PC they become un-usable and the volume is always set to a fixed medium-low level.

    I can only control it with a click on the volume icon on the icon tray.

    thanks for your attention


  • One more information that can may be help you to understand where the problem is.

    When I run Intervideo WinDVD (provided with the notebook) and I play a movie, the buttons start to work. As soon as the focus is not on the window playing the media, the buttons stop to work.


  • sym,

    As a test try booting up go to | start | run | type msconfig | click disable all | then reboot and see if the buttons are working, if not go back to msconfig and re-enable everything, then contact us.

  • no luck...

    buttons are still not working I've sent a report message to your tec supp and I'm now waiting for feedback

    I know the last option is to re-instal everything formatting the hard disk.. but it is not easy when you have 14GB of data on the disk... not only programs.... anyway, let's see what techsupp can do...

    tnx for you time


  • I am having the exact same issue on a D800. If you got this resolved. Can you let me know how. Thans!

  • I have had my D600 (w/ Win2000Pro) for only a few weeks, and so am sure my drivers are reasonably up to date.  My volume buttons don't work either, but I noticed that I can control the volume as if I had used those buttons by Start | Settings | Control Panel | Sounds and Media and sliding the button on the Sound Volume bar.  When I punch the physical buttons, a volume control bar shows up on the screen but cannot affect the volume.  Changes made by sliding the Sound Volume button are reflected on the bar that shows up when I punch the buttons.

    I have made quite a number of configuration changes to the laptop since I acquired it, and I feel sure I did something to disable the buttons.  (I cannot use msconfig.)

    thanks in advance.

    [EDIT]  I have discovered that WinAmp may have something to do with it.  While playing music using WinAmp or InterVideo (supplied with the system), the buttons are active, but otherwise not.  I will investigate further.

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  • Guys... bad news...!!

    After the time I've spent last time with this issue and after a talk with Italian (I'm from Italy) Dell support, I've decided to format the HD and re-install everything again.

    Note that Italian Dell support told me that (for them) the solution is: format and install again!!

    The system was working fine since yesterday... and suddenly.. the problem appeard again last night!!

    I still confirm the same sings: the volume buttons do not work, the indicato appear, but it can not be moved. If the Audio controller is disabled and enabled back again, the controls will work until the next reboot. If you start Intervideo, the buttons work anyway.

    If anybody has got a solution.. PLEASE help us in solving this issue without having to install everything again for the 2nd time!




  • Odd, very odd: I know not what I did, BUT, my volume buttons now work without my using any audio equipment.  If I figure this out I'll pop back and advise.

  • I'm still waiting some feedback from Dell people even if it seems they are not considering this "small" thing... anyway, I'm using now the iTouch from Logitech and I'm "surviving" even if i really DO NOT like it.

    Did you find what was done on your PC to recover correct operation?




  • sym,

    Considering the problems you have described, and when they happen, I would guess that your issue has to do with some sort of software that you are installing that is causing a conflict with the system.
  • Corey,

    thanks for your reply.

    I'm sorry .. but I do not agree with your point of view.

    I've just installed and update of the Logitech iTouch and it works really perfect. They had a problem with the OSD when changing the volume that now is solved.

    Even if I do not like this solution, I understand it is the only one possible, at least for now, until Dell decides to take a look into ....

    Please note that I'm not the only one with this problem... there should be a reason...