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No Sound on Inspiron 600m


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No Sound on Inspiron 600m

  • Hello, I recently had to replace my hard drive for my Inspiron 600m computer.  I did so, and reloaded XP, Microsoft Office, Sonic Record Now, and Cyberlink Power DVD, and the drivers from this website (including the Audio one - SIGMATEL) from this website.  However, I still cannot seem to get my sound to work.  Please advise.
  • I also get an error code while trying to play Launchcast Radio - "Error code 14 - C00D11BA".  Any thoughts on that???
  • After you have performed an Operating System re-installation, install the audio driver following this order of installation:

    a. Install Dell Notebook System Software (click the + sign next to System Utilities).

    b. Next and very important, install the Intel Mobile Chipset driver (click the + sign next to Chipset).
    (Models with AMD cpu use the AMD processor driver.)

    c. Finally re-install the Sigmatel audio driver (click the + sign next to Audio).

    Get these either from your Resource (or Utilities & Drivers) cd if you have one, or from the downloads page for your computer model and operating system. To find your downloads page click on this link and then follow the links for your model and operating system:
    Downloads Pages

    Use your Service Tag number or follow the links like this:
    Select Model/Notebooks/Model Line/Your Model/Confirm/Your Operating System

    Rarely there will still be a problem with the installation at this point in XP. In those cases follow this tip from forum member rpilT2005: check in the Device Manager for a "PCI Device" with a yellow question mark next to it, under the "System Devices" grouping. Hit 'update driver' on that one, and it should find the driver.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Hey, thanks for the reply.  I actually was guided through those installation steps for the drivers you mentioned by a Dell tech support guy I called earlier.  I did those in the order you mentioned, and the sound still isn't working. 
    When I pull up the device manager, I don't see a "PCI Device" option.  I do see one option that still has a question mark by it (six did before I spoke with the tech guy earlier).  The one that still does is labelled "Ethernet controller".  When I clicked on update driver, the wizard couldn't locate the proper driver.  Is this what needs to be updated, and if so, which driver would be applied to it?  Or should I reinstall the drivers you mentioned above?  If I do the latter, will it be ok to download them without removing the ones previously downloaded, or should I remove those first??  Please advise.
  • I don't know about an ethernet driver but I doubt it would affect the audio. The driver is probably one of the 22 under the + sign beside Network.

    When you tried to install the Sigmatel driver did you get an error message, or when you go into the Audio Properties is everything grayed out? If not the driver might have installed properly and there is some other problem. Have you tried listening with headphones as well as computer speakers; tried different player applications, etc?

    Yes you can reinstall over the existing drivers but it wouldn't hurt to first remove the Sigmatel driver in Add/Remove Programs.

    Another thing you could try is to use the generic Intel driver.

    > Go to Start/Control Panel/System/ Hardware tab, then click on Device Manager. Go down to Sound, Video and Game controllers and right click on SigmaTel if it is there. Choose Properties.

    (Or instead right click on the speaker icon, click on Adjust Audio Properties, click on the hardware tab, select SigmaTel, and click Propertties.)

    > Click on the Driver tab and click on Update Driver. The Hardware Update Wizard will open.

    > Answer "No" to the Windows Update question.

    > Choose "Install From List or specific location". Ignore the 'Insert CD' instruction.

    > Hit next and then choose "Don't Search, I will choose driver I want to install".

    > You will get a list of SigmaTel drivers. Uncheck the box that says "show compatible hardware".

    > Select Intel, and then select "Intel AC 97 Audio Controller". XP replaces the SigmaTel driver with the Intel AC97.

    > To reinstall the original driver later just go back to Properties and select "Rollback Driver".


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • Hey, so I tried both installing the Intel AC97 Audio controller you suggested.  It didn't work.  I then did the "rollback driver" function as you suggested, and then removed the driver and reinstalled it.  That didn't work either.  Any further suggestions???  Please advise.

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  • dmhaightt,

    When I asked "When you tried to install the Sigmatel driver did you get an error message, or when you go into the Audio Properties is everything grayed out?" I was trying to find out if the driver is installed or not. If it is then no need to keep reinstalling it.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

  • No, there hasn't been any graying out in the Audio Properties section.  The driver seems to be installed just fine.  Any further options????
  • To me audio problems divide into 2 areas: hardware and software (driver problem, configuration settings, or Windows).

    If your audio was working all right before the hard drive, then probably the audio chip and jacks are okay, but perhaps a connector came loose. Unfortunately you no longer have Dell Diagnostics, which is the best method to test for hardware problems. If you have a Utilities cd you can run it from that. You can also download it from your downloads page but I'm not sure if you can burn that version onto a cd and run it (the instructions are for floppy disks). A failure of the Dell Diagnostics audio test would confirm that it is not a software problem.

    As for configuration, when you are in Audio Properties check to see that "Sigmatel Audio" is selected as the default device. If the name is not listed or is grayed out then there is a problem with the driver installation. Make sure the volume outputs are not muted or turned down.

    As for Windows, go to Services (Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services) and check that Windows Audio is enabled, set to automatic, and running. Audio won't work without this Service.

    If you are getting a message like "no audio device detected" or "driver is enabled but has not been started", go into the Device Manager (Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/System Tools/Device Manager/System Devices) and check that 'Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator' is installed and running. It will be listed alphabetically if there. If not there then you need to reinstall it.

    Finally, there may a setting somewhere in Windows or the BIOS that you need after the hard drive installation. I'd ask on the Notebook/BIOS and Hard Drive boards if they know of anything pertinent.


    Jim Coates -- 14th year on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04