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Dell latitude d620 audio problem, please help


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Dell latitude d620 audio problem, please help

  • i just bought this laptop and im about to go off to school and i dont understand why it says "no audio output device installed." i dont know what to do, how do i install an audio output device? thanks in advance.
  • If you bought it new it should not have arrived with that error message. If the message showed up at some point after you got the computer, try using System Restore to go back to a Restore Point before the problem occurred. Go to Start/Help & Support/System Restore and tick 'Restore my computer to an earlier time'.

    If you think your computer's configuration has been inappropriately altered since you received it, you can use PC Restore to return the computer to the exact state it was in when shipped. This will erase any files you have created. To use this you restart and press Ctrl + F11 during the restart process and it should take you to the "PC Restore" menu. Then just restore your computer to the factory settings. Test your audio first thing after you restore your computer.

    If those ideas don't help or you don't want to use them, then reinstall the Sigmatel audio driver. Your error message means that for some reason the driver has not been recognized. Two ways to do this:

    Go to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager. Find the audio driver under Sound Controllers, right click on the driver, and then click Uninstall. Shut down the computer then restart. Windows should automatically detect your device and display a wizard that helps you reinstall the driver for it.

    Or you can download a new audio driver from your downloads page under 'Audio Drivers'. Your audio driver will be named Sigmatel STAC 92xx HD. To find your downloads page use the 'Drivers and Downloads' link on the left, in the bottom section named 'Dell Support Tools'.

    Caveat: if you have just reformatted your hard drive, the reason for the error message is that you must first install Dell Notebook System Software and then Intel Mobile Chipset before installing the Sigmatel. These are on your downloads page, but if you haven't reformatted you shouldn't have to bother with these 2 items.


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