Now that you have identified the component which is at fault, it's time to replace it.

Important: before making any changes to your system, always ensure that you have a recent backup of your data.

How to request a new part

Since your system is Out of Warranty, the replacement of the part will involve a fee for the parts and labor. To request a new part, you can post a new thread on our dedicated Out of Warranty forum here.

The following information should be provided to hasten the process:

  • Symptoms
  • System error messages
  • Diagnostic steps followed

Please don´t share private information such as the Service Tag, Express Service Code, e-mail address... A Dell Technical Support engineer will contact you privately to get this information.

You can also review your system configuration using the service tag on the Dell Support Site. Here is an article which explains how to do so: How to check your system configuration?

How to safely replace the part

Now that you have the part, it's time to replace it to ensure the system's health is optimal.

When it comes to memory, it is very important to follow the right Safety guidelines as explained in the article: Safety Precautions while replacing memory in your system.

Our dedicated How-To guide provides detailed steps to follow: How to install memory in your PowerEdge server.

You can also check the user manual for your server for more details: 

How to check that the part is working properly

As indicated in the generic troubleshooting guidelines, it is crucial to confirm that the issue is fully resolved. You should:

  1. Ensure ALL the symptoms are gone in the same time frame as they occurred previously.
  2. Clear all the system logs.
  3. Re-run the diagnostic tools.
  4. Gather a new set of system logs. They will serve as a baseline for the machine.

If all goes well during those steps, we can consider that the issue is fixed.

For more technical content, you can refer to our online Enterprise Knowledge base.