Here is a list of some of the symptoms that could point to a Memory related issue on your PowerEdge server.

It's important to clearly identify all the symptoms to be able to troubleshoot efficiently afterwards.

 Error Message on POST or in the Logs

Memory issues usually generate visible error messages in the system event logs. You can view these error messages:

  • on POST when the server starts. You can press the Pause button on your keyboard to have time to write them down.
  • on the LCD display of your server if there is one. There will be an error code and a short description of the issue.
  • in the iDRAC logs. The integrate Dell Remote Access Controller offers a graphic UI in a web browser. By navigating through the left menu, you will find the SEL System Event Logs.
  • in OMSA (Open Manager Server Administrator), a management suite that you can install on your server, you can also review the SEL logs. (more information on OMSA is available here)

In any case, it's important to extract the system event logs or write down the error message to be able to troubleshoot the issue.

For more information on Memory related error messages, you can use our dedicated page: Memory Error messages.

An overview of memory related error messages is available in the Memory How-To library.

Random Restart or Lock-up

In some cases, there will be no specific error message to indicate a memory issue, but the server might appear to be unstable and restart randomly, even showing blue screen errors. 

As this can be caused by a series of issues, it is hard to diagnose the cause. However, it is strongly recommended to update all the drivers and firmware (especially for the BIOS and iDRAC) to have a good base for troubleshooting.

Information on how to update a Dell PowerEdge server is available in the article: SLN296511

Degraded System Performance

Memory issues can also be seen in poor system performance. This could be linked to

  • an inappropriate memory configuration for your server.
  • a hardware issue with a memory DIMM.
  • a hardware issue with a memory slot or even CPU.

More details are provided in the Memory Configuration Errors on a PowerEdge Server.


For more technical content for your PowerEdge server, you can refer to our online Enterprise Knowledge base.